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BLOG Review - Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara

Hello Everyone, 

Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara doesn't that name just get you excited?!
It did me so I brought it & have tried it for that last 13 days so nearly 2 weeks. 
Now Revlon's theory behind this mascara is that it makes your lashes "grow" quicker & makes the lashes very full & lush looking with it's Plumping action. 
If any of you remember or have brought the 1st version of this mascara the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara, that was kinda the same idea just no pluming effect & the brush was different (more oval in shape). I had brought the old version (1st version) last year & used it a while but did not really like it all that much. But when I saw this I thought "Why not, it is on sale!"

So starting with the packaging it's a sliver tube with a Green/Aqua Revlon branding sticker over the top, which looks nice, but really says "Drugstore Item" to me. The cap closes well so it's very air tight, reduce the drying out process. When you pull out the mascara wand, due to the massive brush it can have some excess mascara product on the wand, wipe the brush on the rim of the tube to get rid of the excess, not doing so can make clumpy lashes. I have this mascara in 001 Blackest Black, & WOW is this black. Thank goodness it is so black because it just gives the best effect when on the lashes, so that's good.

The formula is not to thick & not runny or "heavy" when applied to the lashes. As you can see above the brush has bristles that taper from smallest at the top to largest at the bottom, this gives you a very nice winged out effect when you apply 2-3 coats. The bristles are the fiber type not the rubber bristles, which I like better for getting that fuller lash look. It's very buildable & does give you a very nice full / long looking lashes. 
I do recommend you curl your lashes first as this give your lashes that more glamorous curl & "false" looking when building them up. Now my lashes are fairly long naturally so the brush is not a to big a issue for me when wiggling it though, BUT if you have thin or short lashes this could be a bit of a problem!. Just use extra care & tilt your head back a little more to not catch the skin. I love using this mascara for darker makeup looks as it really does make the lashes stand out & look amazing.
For being a plumping Mascara I also expected a horrible chemical smell, but surprisingly  enough the smell is there, but not to bad & it did not irritate my eyes at all, which can be a little tantrum prone to anything "special" in chemicals. This also did not flake to badly I only notice some flaking by the end of the day after a good 7-8 hours wear.

Other facts about Revlon Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara
You get 10 ml of product
This come in Blackest Black, Black & Black Brown
Comes in Waterproof Blackest black, Black Brown
Claims to strengthen lashes with continued use
Made in U.S.A.
$8.00 US / $10 GBP / $25.00 AUD

Overall verdict.
I believe this is everything I wanted from the 1st version of this mascara line & never got, this lengthens, makes lashes fuller & just look awesome when you've applied a good amount of layers (about 3, wow). I would recommend this to those of you that like the "false" look with out using the false lashes, this can be a great answer. 
You can do 1-2 coats & get a great full lash look more suited to the day time. 
The lashes didn't get the "crunch" effect either no matter how many coats I applied, which is rare & fantastic.
Overall rating - 4.5-5

Till next time


  1. Eyelash growth is essential in personality development in the sense that it can make you more confident. When you have self-esteem, you will have no fear in facing other people, giving you a belief in your own personality.

  2. I definitely like to use mascara rather than to wear false eyelashes. Like you, I also love putting mascara especially when I'm wearing dark make ups. Thank you for this review, will try this one. :)


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