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BLOG Review - Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara

Hello Everyone, 

A few weeks back I was drawn to a new stand at my Local drugstore that contained new products from Rimmel, there were some new eyeshadow palettes new glosses & then this mascara called Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara. I was very intrigued by the packaging, name & then fact it called it self 2-1 magic cap was just to much to resist. So I brought myself one in the shade Black. 
So the theory behind this mascara is it's 2-1 Mascara or has Rimmel called it a "magic cap"
Now any product that has magic, perfection, wonder & so on, tend to draw most people in quicker hence why makeup companies apply these names to there products or sets.

As you can see above the package is very pretty the pink and glitter effect on the word night is a lovely touch, so for the packaging side I love it & it is well made too, the two brushes click together nicely & brush bristles itself are not hard or unnatural feeling when apply the mascara. 
So you know there's a but coming right?! well yes! :) 

The 1st brush is the Length brush this is the "Day" mascara brush & it's going to give you length & pretty natural looking lashes, this is true. The mascara apply's well & it does give some length not as much as I would have liked but passable for me. 
The brush has wide spread bristles, which keeps the clumping to a minimal & really does separate the lashes out nicely. When wearing this mascara I found no fall out or "heavy" lash feeling, But this does not hold a curl to well & the formula is very thin & kinda runny too which is a little unnatural for a mascara.
So for day lashes this did work good & was just passable for me so about a 

The 2nd brush is the Volume brush this being the "Night" mascara, as you can see the brush is thicker here and the bristles are closer together making the lashes in theory going to be closer together giving you the Fuller & Volume look, think that kind of "false" lash look, mostly used for night time, hence the night idea from Rimmel. 
When I used this I had high hopes for that really full lash look, but this did let me down, it didn't look much different to the 1st wand that was the length one. Only different was it was little thicker lashes & a little blacker, but nothing really much to write home about, that's for sure! So for that knock your socks off WOW lash did not happen at all, a 2/5 for me.

Other facts about Rimmel Glam Eyes Day 2 Night Mascara
You get 9.5 ml of product
This come in Black & Brown
Made in London
$8.00 US / $6 GBP / $15.00 AUD

Overall verdict.
This was a disappointing mascara & I would say it was a waste of my money this time round, it did not work in the way I had hoped & the way it is advertised by Rimmel, which is sad. This Mascara could have been a wonderful product as option for so many, me included.
Overall Rating 2/5

Till next time


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