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Hello Everyone,
I'm BACK....Yes! I could not wait till the new year! 
SO here is my December Makeup\Beauty Favorites and the last favorites for 2012 I just could not miss that. My makeup loves this month have been very "party" in themed keeping spirit with the party season!

Hugs & much Love

Get Set - Hair Change! & 2013

Hello Everyone!

Awh it feels so good to be blogging again and soon enough I will be filming again too starting early in the new year of 2013 :). 
Talking about the new year, about 6\7 weeks ago I colored my hair a "cranberry" Black shade, so there was suppose to be like a reddish tint glow on the hair with a black base, but for me this did not go to plan and the hair turned out really red at the roots to blackish at the tips of the hair a total color disaster (Thanks L'Oreal).
But I decided today that I was refusing to go in to the new fresh start of 2013 looking like I did with hair color and style that it was YUK! 
So I picked up a box of my trust old Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse in Black which I 1st used early this year. I did a whole 1st impressions blog post on it (linked here if your interested?! and if your coloring your hair at home I have covered that too in a hair colori…

Dear Beauty Diary - I Pledge FOREVER

(Hello Everyone)
Dear Dairy,

Isn't it amazing how the simplest things can change your life. A rut of any kind can and will be damaging. Now I'm not only talking about makeup, but LIFE too! 
Change is good.......... Hell yes!  I have often been a person guilty of holding on to past issues, memories and situation and almost recycle them in my mind, but this just like any other life rut is damaging to your life and in my case my health too. When you realize that you've wasted your time it is very disappointing to come to reality. And in my case I felt silly that I had wasted time being depressed on stuff that just went the way it did because it was ment to be like that. For most of us letting something go is hard to do, but the benefits are so much more better then the thoughts and worries you cause your self.
I am coming from personal experience. And have been though enough to know that the world is not always your best friend, but sometimes you can be your own worst enemy in…

TUTORIAL: NYE Glitter Makeup 2012

Hello Everyone,
This is my exact look I'll be wearing this New Years Eve, I love this look it's smokey but has all the goodness of glitter, a girls best party friend :) This look is perfect for every eye color and really is the center point of this makeup look as the eyes dazzle.
Get party fun here:

Love and hugs  Erica xoxoxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie

REVIEW: Milani Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Everyone, 
I have a review video today that was requested by mandy22f. 
This review video is for the new (well new to me) Milani Eyeshadow "Artist" Palettes. I own this in Abstract and it is the neutral palette. I have tried this out with all different primers underneath and wearing it on it's own for the last 2 weeks on and off. So if you'd like to know what I thought of it then here's my quick review!

Hugs Erica

(EricaTVlog) VLOG: Come Walk with Me

Hi Everyone,
So today's Vlog video is with me outside on my exercise journey to make me fitter and get back to it after all my health complications form this year and last year like my Heart Attack, Stroke and so on the list is to long to mention and boring really;).
So making a start now Here I am on DAY 2 of this walking/running exercise plan.
Let's Get Physical, LOL:

Hugs Erica

HAUL: Makeup, Perfume & Hair

Hello Everyone
New Haul video that I filmed Last Night, I got some new goodies in Makeup, Hair and 1 Perfume. So it's a mixture of High end and Drugstore Items and my last Haul for this year,Enjoy!!

Hugs & Love  Erica xoxox

TOP 5 elf Favorites Makeup Products

Hello Everyone,
In Today's Video I'm continuing with the Top 5 Series and this time it's elf the cheap beauty brand with some awesome beauty buys/products! These are my ultimate favorites that I have re-purchased again and again! :)
Find out my faves here

Hugs & Love  Erica xoxoxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie


Hi Everyone,
Happy HAPPY Why? Cause it's December and that means 1 BIG Thing!!!!
CHRISTMAS! And it the time of year when my house became a happy joyful place not that it always is that, but in December it just feeling different & blessed!

So I have 3 Christmas trees, YES 3 LOL! and it goes from really big tree to small tree! Along with all the assortments to make the Christmas cheer feeling in my house.
As my living room is the main attraction this is what you will see in the video.
Merry Christmas everyone, & I wish you all a fantastic, happy, & peaceful NEW YEAR for 2013

Hugs & Love Erica xoxoxox

TUTORIAL: elf Ivy Green Christmas Makeup 2012

Hello Everyone,
Here is my 2nd (& last) Christmas makeup tutorial for 2012, I really wanted to do a look using green eyeshadow's that was holiday themed in it's appearance and when matched with an outfit or so this makeup look really looks great! :)

Hugs Erica xoxoxx Alwayscosmeticjunkie


Hello Everyone,
Here are my November Favorites for 2012, So Sorry it's a little late but then again it's better late then never ;)
Get my Faves here

Hugs & Love  Erica xoxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie

TUTORIAL: Marilyn Monroe 1950's Hollywood Makeup

Hello Everyone,
The Classic and most loved Makeup Look of all time and Marilyn Monroe was FAMOUS for it. This is the classic 1950's Pin-up / Hollywood Makeup Look.  Prefect for any occasion and a real glamorous look, it's personally one of my favorite is well. 
Get Glamorous -

Hugs & Love  Erica xoxoxx Alwayscosmeticjunkie

TUTORIAL: Christmas Makeup Look 2012 - Cozy Cashmere

Hello Everyone, 
Christmas is coming in only a few little weeks it will be here, there are so many things about the Christmas/ Holiday time that make me so happy. It's a true time for spending it with Family & Friends, decorating your home to make it cheerful, getting the "feast" all planned and ready for the big day, shopping for all the gifts to be given to loved ones. Yes there's a lot that Christmas holds in tradition for those that celebrate it. For me personally Christmas is a big deal and I love the season. 
But there is one thing that is also important to me and that is my Makeup look for the Season, I like to change the look & feel each year and make it different.
SO My Christmas Makeup Tutorial /Look for this year is here :) I really was inspired by the colors of Cinnamon & Chocolate for this look, which made it feel very Warm and Cozy as well as being neutral.

Hugs Erica

BEST OF BEAUTY 2012 - Alwayscosmeticjunkie Makeup Awards

Hello Everyone, 
Que the drum roll and dramatic music the Best of Beauty Awards are here! 

So It's that time of year again for the end of Year rap up for the best of Beauty, 2012.
These have been my year long favorites and I'm really Happy and Excited to share it with you all today :) Some Beauty Products have won multiple years in a row and others are new comers to winning the Awards.
See who won!! RESULTS HERE

Hugs Erica

Haircare Products & Routine!

Hello Everyone,
My latest video is looking at my current Hair Care Routine and the products that have been either a life saver to my hair or have really worked well the keep my Hair Color really vibrant as I dye my Hair. My hair is also combination (just like my skin) My roots are oily were as my ends are dry so this routine I have found really helps balance out both problems as well as a few more! Check it out here -

Hugs Erica

(EricaTVlog) *Updated* ROOM TOUR!

Hi Everyone,
I have a "updated" room tour for you all today, just showing you my bedroom and stuff like that :) I have not changed too much from my last room tour (uploaded on Alwayscosmeticjunkie - Main Channel) earlier this year, but it's always fun to see the little changers and for those that have never seen my room tour!
Check it out Here -

Enjoy! :)
Hugs Erica xoxox

Something New!

Hello Everyone,
It's been a while since I have just posted a post, if that made any sense what so ever, LOL?!
Okay but there is some little news bits that I know most of you will already know but hey it's worth saying it anyways....Right! 
I have a 2nd channel now for my Vlogging and other things that I'm going to be adding there that ARE NOT Beauty related, I've been wanting to do this for sometime and when I asked if you'd like that I got a good enough response back, to set up the 2nd channel and start posting there too! 
Now just to make it clear Alwayscosmeticjunkie my MAIN channel stays my main channel always and my main place to source my videos, as I am first and for most a Makeup Artist :) 
But for a little and different creative outlet I really wanted the 2nd channel.

So if you'd like to know more about what is coming to my Vlog Channel which is call EricaTVlog then this is my Intro video, where you'll hear about what's coming soon!!


Hello Everyone,
It was requested by a few of my Lovely Subscribers to show how to do the "sock bun" hair style. I love this hair style I think it's just perfect for work, formal dressing or if you need to do something nice with day 2 old hair then this is my perfect go to hair look.
Learn how-to here -

Hugs Erica xx Alwayscosmeticjunkie

TUTORIAL: NAKED Urban Decay Natural Glow Makeup

Hello Everyone,
So here's my 1st Tutorial using the Naked Palette (original one). I brought both UD Naked Palettes about a week ago now, and I had promised to share some looks using these palettes. So I'm planning on still doing about 2/3 more over the coming weeks for you, including the famous and loved smokey eye but a really smoked out out his time using the UD Naked Palette.

NOTE: I will still be doing lots of looks with Drugstore Products too so don't worry I've become a High-end only tutorial person, I still love Drugstore makeup!! :)
Get Naked Here ;)

Hugs & Love  Erica xoxo Alwayscosmeticjunkie

MAKEUP HAUL & VLOG: Highend Makeup & A New, Clean Start!!

Hello Everyone,
So just a HUGE Thank you in this Vlog today on my resent Divorce, the support I've had from everyone in the last week (since the post on FB) has been very overwhelming and beyond Kind! Thank You all for showing all that love and being so caring.
Also a more of a High-End Makeup Haul today too, I went for some "retail therapy" and I picked up some awesome makeup I've been really wanting to try FOREVER!!
Check it out here :)

Hugs from me to you

*OPEN* $500 MAKEUP GIVEAWAY WIN NARS, MAC & MORE! Open Worldwide 2012

Hello Everyone,
This is my Official Christmas & New Year 2012/2013 Makeup/Beauty Giveaway for 2012, and I have some AWESOME High-end Makeup brands to Giveaway!. Each prize pack is themed for easy entering, for the one that appeals to you the most please enter & GOOD LUCK! xoxx
Check it out here -

YOU MUST SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL - Alwayscosmeticjunkie (this is for all 3 prizes)
If you under 18 PLEASE ask you parents/Carer first
NO ENTER ME Comments, they will be deleted!!!!!!!

YOUTUBE PRIZE - Comment Bellow (on the Giveaway Video)
Too Faced (mini) Shadow Insurance Eye Primer
NARS Eyeshdaow Palette
NARS Blush & Bronzer Duo (Shades Angelika and Laguna)
NARS Kohl Pencil in London
NARS Lipstick in H…

CLEAR & HEALTH SKIN: My Skincare Routine 2012 (Drugstore Products)

Hello Everyone,
So today I have not only a requested video that has been requested  a lot for me to do, but a skin care routine that has cleared my skin up till 90% from all the Acne, over oily skin and as tamed my dry and sensitive cheeks. I have been using this method for a little over 6 months now and I love it, I run though everything I use and how I've made my skin as it is today! :)
Found out why I love them Here -

Hugs & Love

TUTORIAL: Maybelline Smokey Cinnamon Quad Fall Makeup Look

Hello Everyone,
Here is my "fall makeup look" using the limited edition special EyeStudio palettes from Maybelline NY, I LOVE the EyeStudio line from Maybelline so I was super excited to see this and just had to get them :) This smokey look is perfect for during the day and also you can wear this all year round but it's more suited to Fall & Winter for sure!

Hugs Erica xx Alwayscosmeticjunkie

REVIEW & DEMO: RIMMEL BB CREAM 9 in 1 Super Makeup

Hello Everyone,
Here is my Review for the New BB Cream from Rimmel London. This BB Cream has just come out in the last few weeks in my area! So I brought it has soon as I saw it, I did show this in my Haul video from Last week if you saw that video :) But I have been using it a little over 10 days now and here are my thought on yet another BB Cream from the Drugstore & a Makeup Company/Brand!
Find out what I thought Here -

Hugs Erica xx Alwayscosmeticjunkie


Hello Everyone,
Here are my Top 5 Favorite Perfume's I love using at the moment from the last few months :)They have been very long wear on the skin and smell SO SO beautiful too!
check them out here

What are your favorite Perfumes?
Hugs Erica xxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie

VLOG: MY 4 CATS!!!! (My Shiny Stars)

Hello Everyone, 
So a different and very much requested Video today this is showing off my 4 Shiny Stars in my life, my CATS! :)
I own 4 Cats & I love them SO so much, there's Mip, Mien, Lot & Dora. (in age order) So I hope you'll enjoy this video and if you have any pets, I'd love to hear about them too! xx
Check them out Here -

Hugs Erica  xoxoxx Alwayscosmeticjunkie


Hello Everyone!
The 3 LUCKY Winners in my Halloween GIVEAWAY have been announced! :) Thank you to everyone that had entered in and till my next HUGE MAKEUP Giveaway in 4/5 weeks which is my Christmas/New Year Giveaway!

Hugs Erica xx Alwayscosmeticjunkie



Hello Everyone, 
So recap time for the month of October!! This month's has had a ton of Tutorials for Halloween, it's been lots of fun to dress up again this year for the collection of looks I've done. My personally favorite of the month was the Ursula makeup and Snow White makeup! But I loved do all the looks & it was for sure Disney Land in my room wear I filmed it all ;) 
But it was not just Halloween Tutorials, there were some Reviews, TAGS and a Haul is well to finish this month! 
The ones in Orange are the HALLOWEEN Tutorials already up and "highlighted"

1st October -TUTORIAL: RAPUNZEL Disney Princess From Tangled Makeup
2nd October - Makeup I Regret Buying 2012 (Maybelline, e.l.f. NARS & MORE)
3rd October -TUTORIAL: POCAHONTAS Disney Indian Princess Makeup
5th October -TUTORIAL: AURORA Disney Princess fr…

HUGE HAUL: Makeup Goodies (BeautyJoint, Drugstore & MORE)

Hello Everyone, 
It's Huge Haul time :) &this is all the makeup I have purchased myself over the last 6/7 weeks! I thought it was time to show it all to you, there's some Rimmel, Jordana, e.l.f. Makeup & More :)
check out all the NEW goodies here -

Hugs Erica XX Alwayscosmeticjunkie

TAG! Get to Know Me :)

Hello Everyone, 
TAG time (& your it, LOL). 
I had asked if you guys wanted to see this tag video and I had a good positive response back so here it is :) xx
Get my Answers to the Questions here -

Hugs Erica xoxoxx Alwayscosmeticjunkie

OCTOBER FAVORITES 2012 (Makeup, Hair & Perfume

Hello Everyone, 
OCTOBER Favorites 2012 YAY! Boy oh Boy only 2 months left of the year and that means only 2 more favorites after this one, LOL. But not getting too far in time lets look at this months favourites and finds :)
I have enjoyed again a lot of drugstore makeup and some perfume that have lasted forever when used and a hair care spray I owe no more tangled hair too, So click the link to hear about this months goodies.

Hugs Erica xoxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie

TUTORIAL: Supernatural GOTHIC "RemedyRose" Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
My Last Halloween Makeup Tutorial for this year (2012).
This look is based on a little thing from my past a "character" I invented, she was also present in my childhood/teen years in my nightmare's. So with it being Halloween I thought this would be perfect to bring to you all in a tutorial just this time!
Here is the Link -

Hugs Erica xoxox Alwayscosmeticjunkie