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BLOG Review - Garnier Fructis Instant Detangler

Hello Everyone, 
So does your hair ever gets full of tangles & knots then you'll know what a pain it can be to manage & brush out, I know personally I have been there too when I use to have Super long hair, but a few weeks ago I decided to chop it off & know I have a short style, but this stuff still works, I'm referring to the Garnier Fructis Instant Detangler from the Nutri-Repair range. I have used this hair spray for months it even made 2 favorites videos last year. I have continued to use it even now I have shorter hair, cause it still works great for the odd knot or even hair fizz.
This comes in a plastic bottle with a pump & you can control the amount you spray out on to your hair with this pump so that's a plus. The formula it's self is a combination of fruit oils on the bottom & a milky substance on the top, you have to shake these together quiet vigorously to mix together, then spray this on the hair concentrating on the ends of the hair OR were you tangles/knots are sitting. It has a pleasant fruity smell to it nothing over chemical in sent & the smell won't linger on the hair all day either. When I still had my long hair I used this every Morning with missing a day & it was fantastic, I found this also did help with some Fizz control, which I still have with my shorter hair, so I still use this every morning & I still love it just as much. 
One thing I have notice when using this is don't spray to much on the roots of your hair has this can make your hair oilier & will result in your washing it a little more, so keep this strictly to the ends of the hair & you should avoid this problem. And if you have thinner hair you won't need as much then if you have thicker hair is well. My hair is in between thin & thick hair & I spray about 5 sprays around the ends of my hair all the way around. As you can tell I will need to buy another one as this one is as good a gone, this 1 bottle has lasted me a good 4 months which is great value for money as this is fairly cheap too compared to salon brands.

Other facts & Summary
You get 150ml of product 
It's a conditioner as well as a Hair Detangler

Natural Fruit oils 
Can be used on Damp & Dry hair
Makes hair soft & manageable
Cost $7.49 US, $3.50 GBP & $10.00 AUD 

What's your favorite hair product?

Til Next Time


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