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Facebook Reminder & Other News :-)

Hi Everyone, 
***Just a reminder that if you "LIKE" my Facebook page & I get up to 500 Like I will be hosting a MAC COSMETICS Facebook Giveaway with multiple prizes to be won***

Okay, So if you missed my information about it at the start of the year I now have a planner to which my videos are uploaded on my Beauty Youtube Channel & when I blog post things is well. decided to do this as it just makes it easier to know what I have todo & for all of you, that you know what is coming. I have had a wonderful response to me setting my videos & blog updates like this, that I wanted to Thank the people that gave me feed back on this. SO bellow I have the Time Planner.

MONDAY - Vlog Or Haul + Twitter Giveaway 
TUESDAY - Blogging
WEDNESDAY - Makeup Tutorial
THURSDAY - Blogging
FRIDAY - Makeup Review

With the Twitter Giveaway I have 2 each month, where if you follow me on Twitter you can win the Item\s shown in that Vlog Video for that week, so make sure to follow me on Twitter for that chance to win it, Oh yes I should have mentioned it is worldwide open too, every giveaway I have will always be open worldwide (internationally), I find this only fair due to the fact I have Subscribers\Followers around the world.

I also have a new segment that I have on my Vlog Video which is Q's Time, meaning that if you want to know something Beauty related, Personal or just something for fun you can ask me by tweeting the Question to me, Facebook the Question to me OR leave it on my Vlog Video on YouTube. I gather all the Q's I've been asked on Sunday night so for me to answer your Question PLEASE have it posted to me before then otherwise it will be in the next vlog video. 
Thank You to all those so far that have asked me Q's, I love helping & this is a fun way of helping a lot me more people too.

For all my Links to where you can find me:
Beauty News & Genreal things about me follow my twitter -
My official Facebook page -

That's was it for my Update news post, I just had to clear some things up & wanted to tell you about the Facebook MAC Giveaway thing again too. 

So till next time

P.S. I will be posting my Official Valentines Makeup Giveaway Next week too, so make sure to be Subscribed to my Youtube Channel to be ready when I post this Video, Good Luck.


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