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FAVORITES: Lipstick Lover

Hello Everyone, 
I can honestly say my first love at first sight was Lipstick, the sight of it at the drugstore made me swoon & fuss at the range of colors there was & lets not forget the all important finishes they have too. Yes I was just 16 when I had brought my first Lipstick, I remember it well flash back moment: I was at my local Drugstore & took a trip down the beauty isle for the first time & the Maybelline Wet Diamonds Lipstick stand court my eyes!, those shiny lilac purple tubes with that chrome finish were like honey to a bee, the Lipsticks them selves where smooth and Oh OH so sparkly, composing myself, LOL Okay lets get back today.
SO what I was trying to say is, I love Lipstick it can dress up OR dress down a makeup look & can also make OR mess up a makeup look too. Personally I view Lipstick as the "finisher" of the whole painting the face on with makeup routine. And I really wanted to share my favorite Lipsticks with you all today so here we go!.

1st - Covergirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks - Favorite Shades 325 Spellbound & 395 Darling: These Lipsticks are in one word FANTASTIC & to think you can find these babes at the drugstore is just mind blowing and kinda exciting, that's why I now own 16 of them, they are creamy, smooth, moisturizer dry lips extremely well & they look like a Highend lipstick on your lips, Love them.
2nd - Chanel Rouge Coco Lipsticks - Favorite Shade 19 Gabrielle: 
I first brought this lipstick to do the Dita Von Tesse Tutorial last year in September, I really wanted that expensive Lipstick even if I just had one, so I went ahead & got the Chanel one, I LOVE this lipstick, it's amazing & the BEST Red shade I have ever used, found or applied on me or others. I believe a red Lipstick is beautiful for that smolder look or 1940's style & this is so smooth and creamy and does last a really long time on the lips, but hey! I guess you get what you pay for & this did not disappoint me.
3rd - Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks - Favorite Shade 405 Sliver City Pink: After I had gotten over my obsession with the Maybelline Diamond Shine Lipsticks, I found these I believe I was close to 18 when I "fell" in love with everything Revlon, though my love for Revlon is not what it once was these days! I still love there Lipsticks (oh & Colorstay Foundation), & they have one of the best drugstore color ranges & finishes in the market still today. I myself own over 30 off them & that's not counting the ones I have completely used up. I do find these long wearing & depending on the finish you select can be very smooth & beautiful looking, just a word of warning with the "Frosty" ones & drys lips Please don't try it!
4th - MAC Lipsticks - Favorite Shade Creme D'Nude:
I was always looking for that perfect nude Lipstick & I found it in the MAC Creme D'Nude, this lipstick looks stunning with a black smokey eye or the "nude" makeup look. I also own tones of MAC Lipstick's & I found that the Cremesheen & Stain finishes are the best & also look the nicest. These Lipsticks have a great formulas & are very long wearing, they also look better with Lipgloss applied over the top of them. 
5th - Barry M Lip Paint Lipsticks - Favorite Shade 147 & 62:
I found these about a year ago at the Crush Cosmetics website & brought 5 of them I was glad I did these are SO SO bright & pigmented, they can be a little drying but I find that applying a lip balm or gloss over the top solves that problem. They have tones of colors & ones that are quite unique, so if your looking for a bright lipstick then look at Barry M for your fix.
6th - L'Oreal Infallible lipstick - Favorite Shade 423 Perpetual Peach:
If you have followed me for a long time you'll know my favorite color is PEACH! & I have so many peach shades of Lipsticks, Glosses & Balms to prove that. But by far my favorite is this peach shade by L'Oreal, this is very long wearing & smooth to apply, this Lipstick is made to be long wearing & it does not flake off like so many long wearing formulas can & most times do for the drugstore at least. I tend to wear this on it's own for maximum  staying power thought my long & busy days. 
7th - Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss balm - Favorite Shade 205 Tulip:
Now I Know that this is not really a Lipstick, but I love it just as much. It is kinda a tinted Lipstick with a gloss finish, I love to wear this on Sundays & when I don't want to much makeup on my face or I just wear this on it's own too. These Natureluxe Gloss Balm's give you a hint of color & really moisturizer the lips, it's not very long wearing but then again it was not made to be so, I just tend to keep one in my bag for touch ups thought the day if I'm not wearing Lipstick for that day. These are perfect for beginners too who are not that in to makeup & the whole Lipstick game.

TOP CG Natureluxe 205, L'Oreal 423
L-R CG 395 & 325, Barry M 147 & 62, Chanel  19, MAC, Revlon 405
What are you favorite Lipsticks?

Till Next Time


  1. I'm with you on the CoverGirl NatureLuxe, girl! I LOVE THEM!

    1. Yeah I use it all the time, I brought it the same time as the Covergirl Natureluxe Foundation! xo


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