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My 3 Favorite Beauty Tips & Tricks!

Hello Everyone, 
So it's true we all have our own favorite beauty Tips & Tricks & I have 3 that I want to share with you today. These have helped me a lot in the past & still today as beauty helpers that actually do a good job & make a difference, thank goodness :) 

1. Acne be gone Mask.
Most of us have lived with acne or spots in our lifetime or still do today even when your adult acne can still be there. I have a simple mask you can make at home & this will reduce the acne spotting & a part of the redness too. 
You'll need: 
1 table spoon of pure Aloe Vera gel
1 teaspoon of Honey 
1 Dissolved Aspirin
Mix all 3 ingredients on a saucer (small plate) until it looks like a thin paste in look & feel. Apply this with clean hands over the face and down the neck area. Leave this for about 7 minutes on the face & neck. After the 7 minutes has past wash it off with an gentle exfoliating scrub and warm water. 
Your face will be slightly tingly this is normal, don't apply any toner or moisturizer just leave the skin to BREATH. This is better to do at nighttime as your skin can then reap the benefits of the mask.   

2. Thinner face in minutes 
I have used this trick for ever & even tho it is not a new find out, this does work wonders. 
You'll need: A good fluffy brush & a Bronzing powder
Basically we are going to contour the face, start at the hollows of the cheeks sweep & blend out the Bronzer here up towards the tip of the ear, then some on the temples only slightly. Now using the left over bronzer on the powder brush & sweep this on the sides on your nose, this will make the nose appear thin or more defined. Okay lastly grabbing a little more bronzing powder on your brush we are now going to sweep this under the chin this will make you chin look sculpted & give you a more defined chin & neck line.
3. Eye's be Bright 
This is a wonderful tip is your suffering from lack of sleep or you have smallish eyes & you want them to appear larger or more "open".
You'll need: A white kohl pencil, cream shimmer e/s & lash curler
1st off apply the white kohl pencil to the water line start from the inner corner & work it to the outta part of the eye. Next grab a small e/s brush and apply a small amount of the Cream/white shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eyes, make sure to blend this so it looks seamless. And lastly Curl your lashes with a eye lash curler, hold the curler on the lashes & every few seconds giving it a slight squeeze about 3 times or so, them apply 2/3 coats of mascara. if you can or you have waterproof mascara, you should use this as it will hold the curl longer in place thought the day.
So do you have any favorite Makeup Tips & Tricks that you swear by?

Till Next time


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