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REVIEW: Crush Cosmetics 24 Mineralised Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Everyone, 
I hope you all are well?! 
So Today I thought I would blog about a product I got last year in July it's the Crush Cosmetics Mineralised Eyeshadow Palette, this palette contains 42 Eyeshadow's in total, to which 2 can be used as blush & 1 as Bronzer is well.
okay, so I have used these Eyeshadow's a lot in the last few weeks really over the Holiday period they have had there fair share of use. 

As you can see from the pictures the palette is Huge but thin enough to be packed away nicely in draws or if you traveling with it to pack in your suitcase. The outside cover is very sturdy and secure clip on it, so the palette doesn't open unless you open it, always a great thing!. When you first open it, it does have a protective cover over it, which I personally like hence why I still have mine covering the top. 

The shadows them selves are wonderful, if you have used MAC Minerlized e/s or Maybelline Eye Studio e/s then you will know how they can look & feel on the eyes, I personally find these are better then both the other brands, which I also own minerlized shadows from and have always found they didn't last to long thought the day or were a little irritating to wear.
The Crush Cosmetics Palette has many colors to pick from, so the looks are endless really! I have used this close to everyday since mid December last year. The finishes on most are like a frost/metallic finish with the odd one that's more satin, this palette has no matte shades, which personally I would have made the black & one of the whites matte, but never less I still use them too. Pigmentation wise these are 90% fantastic some are not as intense but for most of 38 outta the 42 are very pigmented. 
I have worn these with primer & without primer and the staying power is close to the same, about 10 hours with primer (so my whole work day) & about 8/8.5 hours with without primer underneath, that is just so amazing & because I have very oily eyelids too. So for this to last like it does is great, it does crease a little in the crease line at the very end of the day but nothing to much that looks really bad. 
I had told my mum about this palette is well & she brought one for herself, & has also been using it like crazy everyday, she has more drier eyelids them me & never wear e/s primer either & it lasts fantastic on her too thought the day (house cleaning ETC).

So you can find this palette on the Crush Cosmetics website, Link here:

Other facts & Summary:
It says 24 but that's how many shadows it holds, there actually 42 colors!
Made in Asia
HUGE Mirror inside
They don't irritate & are Long wearing
Fantastic over e/s primer or Cream shadows like the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils or MAC Paint pots.
Great for Travelling around with (holiday trips)
It's about 1.5 grams per color
Cost $49.95 AUD,  $51.15 USD, $32 GBP

If you own this palette too what do you think of it?

Till next time,





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