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SMELL THIS: Review - Beyonce Heat Perfume

Hello Everyone, 
During the holiday period I was lucky to find Beyonce Heat Perfume on sale, being 50% off for that day only I knew this was perfect time to try a Beyonce Perfume, so I got the 100ml bottle.
The Bottle itself is a beautiful bottle, kinda like a genie lamp. The bottle is made of glass and the top is made of hard plastic, with a B printed on the top.The "Spray" part is painted gold with Beyonce on one side & HEAT on the other side under the lid. 
The Perfume Smell itself is a very warm spicy/musky wood smell, with very light floral undertones, but it's a hint rather then an over powdering punch of floral's, which to be quite honest a LOT of celebrity fragrances are SO floral in sent which is also not for everyone, & Personally I really wanted something that had different undertones & overall different smell, because I own to many floral scented perfumes. 

But the the Beyonce Heat is a beautiful warming smell, it does last long on the skin & lingers on the place you spray this very well, I find on the back of the next and on the wrist this perfume will linger the best for any long lasting effects. I also like to mist a little in my hair just a little as this really hangs on well & you'll be smelling it for a while, but really just a misting of it. After using for a couple of weeks I really love this perfume now & praise Beyonce for her fine taste in making a Perfume this beautiful.

The Notes in this Perfume are:
Red vanilla orchid, Magnolia, Neroli, Blush peach, Honeysuckle nectar, Almond macaroon, Crème de musk, Sequoia Milkwood, Tonka bean and Amber

Other Facts & Summary
Part of the Beyonce Perfume Line
Overhand is a woody / Musk smell perfect for people that are not in too masses of floral's
Made in USA
Bottle comes in 30ml, 50ml & 100ml
Interesting bottle design
A celebrities perfume actually worth buying!
Prices for US, AUD & GBP start at the $40-$50 mark, please check locally for accurate pricing for this.

What do you think of this Perfume?

Till Next time


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