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BLOG Review - Black Kohl Eye Pencils

Hello Everyone, 
One of my first purchase's I ever made in buying makeup at the drugstore was eyeliner to be more correct it was Kohl Pencil eye liner. 
I loved the encasing effect of eyeliner, using it on the waterline & lash line 
(& eyelid) to create the dark black rimed eye's was something I was into wearing back in the day, I was 16 at the time & "EMO" eye's were the fashion for me. But these days I use black eyeliner to enhance the eye's not to encase them in the blackness, I once love to do.
There are many Black Kohl Pencils to pick from these days & many of you will own at least one of them. I have 6 that I'm going to talk about today ones I use the most & have come to love or hate for diffident reasons. 

Now the mistake I made when I was 16 & beginning to use makeup was I thought one black Kohl pencil was just like all the other black kohl pencils. That is so NOT the case & after many years of using makeup & beauty school you learn that not all are the same. My number one most hated things about some Black kohl pencils is they promise (the company advertising "this is the blackest liner ever for that dark bold look you'll love") ETC & you buy it thinking you have a winner for that rich dark black look & you go to apply it only to find it's not the blackest black liner they promised or it's so hard to apply, so off to the drugstore or counter to purchase yet another one. Lesson here not all liners are equally as black in color or texture. I personally find the blacker the kohl pencil the better wear & look you'll create. 

From left to right we have: 
Stila Kajal Eye Pencil - This is very Creamy, very Black & glides on like a dream not tugging or pulling it to get the liner on the waterline or lash line, only this does not last long on the water line, due to it's extreme creamy texture. 
Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil - This Pencil is also a very creamy one but sets better when it's dried. It looks very much like liquid liner so this is a great one for those that have trouble applying Liquid liner as this is a great dupe for it with way more better control for applying. It's very black in pigmentation BUT can be a little irritating on the waterline for long period of time.
NYX Eye Pencil - One of my personal favorite kohl pencils for it's wear on the eye's, more the waterline then lash line. It lasts forever on the waterline & never irritates, not as black as the Malani or Stila ones but is still a true black color. 
Lancome Le Crayon Khol - This pencil not as black as the others but works nicely on the waterline has great staying power, not as great for the lash line as you'll have to tug a little to much to apply an even layer of the liner to create the effect. 
Maybelline Master Liner - This pencil is horrible it's not true black in color but soft black. It does not last at all on the waterline it horrible to apply to the eye's because of the pencil being so hard to move over the lash line, so you'll have to pull the liner to create even a thin line and it even then irritated my eye's!.
Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner - This is a trusted eyeliner I have repurchased many times over, this is a wonderful liner that is true black, lasts on the eye's and makes any line you want thick or thin with ease. Not as great on the waterline as the NYX one but it is better on the lash line for it's wearable time & look. 

So what's your favorite kohl pencil brand?

Till next time


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