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Blog Review - China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier

Hello Everyone, 
I have an exciting nail product to talk to you about today. For a little while on & off I have been using the China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier to make my nails stronger & better to handled the wear & tear of Nail Polish.  
So this is the info on it from China Glaze: For Weak or Splitting Nails: Fortified base coat helps thin, weak nails grow long and strong.
• Free of DBP, Touene, and Formaldehyde
• For Professional Use

So having use it myself on & off like I mentioned before, this stuff works like a dream on my nails. Which have never been great even before my nail polish wearing days. 
When you use this you apply multiple coats everyday for 7 days, I found this worked just as good as if you use it for 10 days like recommend. 
So for 7 days you apply one coat in the morning, one in the afternoon & one in then evening\nighttime. I did this for 7 days & my nails from thin went to thicker, from rough to smoother nail surface. 
When you build this product up on the nails you'll noticed by the 4th\5th coat you will have a natural pink color & shine, which is actually very flattering on the nails. The feel of this product\ treatment on the nails is not like nail polish, it feels like Gel Nails or kinda a little like artificial nails, but not irritating in any way. After the 7 Days are over & you have builded up the coats you are okay now to take it off the nails, with nail polish remover (without acetone) and remove it with a cotton ball. After the Calcium Gel Fortifier is removed off the nails, your nails will seem very white in color. 
This is normal just let them rest overnight & your free to apply a new nail polish color over the top the next day. I always use the Essie Protein Base Coat before applying nail polish & this helps in maintaining the heath nails.

This is a wonderful treatment the China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier & I would with all my heart recommend to everyone to give a try. I will be repurchasing it when my bottle is finished, which it nearly is.

Other Facts & Summary:
Made in the US
You get 14ml of product
Cost $5.75 US, $4 GBP, $10.50 AUD
Great treatment for once a month OR Every 3 months
Makes Nails Health again
Resurface's the nails to make them smooth
Nail Polish looks better
Nails chip less 
Give a pretty pink\natural color to the nails

Have you ever used this & did you like it too?

Till next time


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