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Makeup Trends 2012 - The Must Do or The Must Don't?

Hello Everyone, 
Today I'm going to be talking about this Season Trends - Makeup Trends & what I personally think if them!.

1st - The OH So Bright Look 
This Trend is focusing on the eyes and lips together in playing off the "POP" of color idea, choosing colors that harmonise well together. This look is really fun to recreate for that night out or weekend party as it really is a fun bright look that will enhance the eyes as well as your lips. But be weary of this look if you have super pale skin, smallish eyes or if you have a more roundish face. Pale skin does not work too well with "too" much bold colors & you'll want to highlight either you lips or your eyes, as to much bold & bright can wash you out. Smallish eye will want to avoid the over huge lashes as this can make eye appear smaller & the more rounder your face  this look will make you face appear rounder again, so instead highlight the eye's the same but I would then op for a lighter shade lipstick or Gloss to make the eyes the main feature.
For my bright look I've created Here's the Link -

2nd - The Red Lips "classic" Look
This trend look always comes back, probably because it the ultimate female look the eyes slightly & nicely enhanced & the lips with power knock out of female fatal. I personally myself LOVE LOVE LOVE this look for a date, NightOut or for wearing on Valentine's Day......Perfect. The basics of this look date all the way back to the 1940's but has been modernised since then the eyes are more smoked out with brown eyeshadow & the cheeks barely there now! But I still find it a beautiful look. This look dose suit everyone so everyone can wear as it's a classic for everyone either version.
For this classic 1940 style of this look I've created here's the Link -

3rd - The Barely There Look
This trend makeup look as also been coming back over the last few years & personally I don't know why, it's so lifeless & not a good look for everyone, I have tried this look & I can't stand not seeing any color on my face or very minimal. Most times they make the skin very have a lot of glow as that's the main feature "the skin" but if you don't have perfect skin or you have oily skin or very dry skin then something glowy is going to be your glow nightmare. And don't be fooled by then just making the skin matte, because that just makes you look even more like you not living. If you really love a"nude look" or wanna try it, I suggest adding some pink blush to the apple of the cheeks (cream or stain), some brown eyeliner to the lash line top & bottom. 2 coats of mascara Brown\Black, & some white khol pencil to the water liner for an eye opening effect. Lastly for lips you can leave this nude lipstick, but a pink\nude or peach\nude lipstick adds that little more life to the finished look. 
For this Nude look that I've created here's the Link -

So what do think of this years 2012 looks? 
Till next time 


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