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TUTORIAL: Twilight Saga Complete Makeup Looks

Hello Everyone,
Today's video is one I've been tweeting about a lot lately, LOL :-) 
And it's FINALLY here after hours of work, filming & putting it together I'm really proud to have this Mass Tutorial finally up on my channel for you all.
This was requested by a lot of you for me to do too, So Thank you for all the requests xoxox
So I have created a look for each book/movie centering it around one of the main characters. Inspired by the colors each character is kinda themed too cool colors used for Edward & Warm colors used for Jacob. Then we have the Movie inspired looks for the Volturi from Eclipse & Bella Swan's Wedding Makeup look from Breaking Dawn, all created adding my own alwayscosmeticjunkie twist on all 4 looks. ;D
Here is the link to the video -

Till next time


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