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BLOG REVIEW - Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Collection

Hello Everyone,
So today I'm going to be focusing on the Revlon PhotoReady Collection, that came out in 2010 with it's first in the Collection the "original" Revlon PhotoReady. Now any beauty lover would have already seen this one! but since it's release there have been 3 extra Revlon PhotoReady Foundations come out on the market all still promising the air brushed finish in any light but also with some new things too. So let's take a look at all the different forms Revlon PhotoReady comes in and which ones I think are good OR Bad.......

Starting with Revlon PhotoReady Makeup Foundation

The 1st one to come out in the collection was this one, the Revlon foundation that finally come with a pump! (as we all know the Revlon ColorStay never got that good old pump) but putting that aside, the PhotoReady pump was very controllable and dispensed just the amount you wanted & the packing was a winner for me too, a glass bottle with a good quality plastic lid.
As for the foundation it's self it's a medium coverage foundation with a semi glowy appearance and finish. This foundation does contain "glitter" flecks in it, which if you have large pores, very oily skin, acne or patching skin this can highlight theses areas, not making you look flawless in any light, but like a "glitter ball". That being said this does have a beautiful finish on the skin, looking radiant if you have good enough skin. Those with Combination to Dry Skin are better suited to this foundation.
Overall 4 \ 5

This is what Revlon Promises
  • Delivers soft, luminous airbrushed finish in any light
  • Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light to erase every flaw
  • Complete yet undetectable coverage
  • Oil free, Fragrance Free
Extra Info
  • 30 ML (1fl.Oz)
  • 12 Shades 
  • SPF 20
Revlon PhotoReady Powder

At the about the same time Revlon also released the PhotoReady Powders this came in Translucent & Skin shades. Now the Translucent is great for setting the liquid foundation, but I found that the Skin shades could be used as a powder foundation in there own right!. Being light coverage this is perfect for those that have prefect or near to perfect skin, as this evens out well giving the skin a semi matte finish, so that being said also not to bad for oily skin either. The powder version contains NO glitter so this is better if "glowing" is not what you'd want from your foundation or if you like to minimize the "glitter" effect from the liquid version a little. If you have Dry skin I'd skip this all together as I have found the powder can be cakey at times, but those will oily skin this won't look cakey as the skins natural oils bind nicely with this powder.  
Overall 3.5 \ 5 

This is what Revlon Promises
  • Delivers soft colour with a luminous air-brushed finish
  • Reduces shine and evens out skin tone
  • Sets makeup for a poreless appearance
  • Micro-fine, ultra-lightweight, creamy pressed powder formula
  • Oil free, Fragrance Free
Extra Info
  • 7.1 Grams (0.25 Oz)
  • 3 Shades 
  • SPF 14
Revlon PhotoReady Compact Makeup Foundation

The 3rd instalment in the Revlon PhotoReady collection came this creamy foundation that on the skins contact turns from cream to liquid foundation. Now I did find that this was a little heavier one the skin and was more medium to fuller coverage, better for those with larger pores and unevenness in there skin. I love this version of this foundation as it worked better on my then oil skin and even today on my combination skin it look flawless and gives the idea of better skin in most lighting :). 
The Revlon PhotoReady Compact foundation dries to a Matte finish and contains NO glitter in it either just like the powder, so pairing these two together gives you a perfected matte base. Just a small note regarding the compact version, please don't apply to much of this a little goes a long way and it has the tendency to go cakey if you layer to much. So if you have combination skin or oily skin then this Revlon PhotoReady is a better match for you.
Overall 4.5 \ 5

This is what Revlon Promises
  • Cream makeup that transforms to liquid using built-in liquefying screen
  • Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light to help erase flaws
  • Full, yet undetectable coverage
  • Soft powder finish
  • Oil Free, Fragrance Free, Paraben Free
Extra Info
  • 10 Grams (0.35 Oz)
  • 8 Shades 
  • SPF 20
Revlon PhotoReady Air Brush Mousse Makeup Foundation

The most recent one to join the Revlon PhotoReady Range and overall Collection, and the most unique of them all. This foundation is like hair mousse, meaning in the style this is dispensed from the aerosol bottle. You shake this foundation well then apply it to the back of your hand. I find this is the best way, you will notice it's very mousse like and has goes bubbly with the air contact.
When you go to apply this to you face it turns in to a lightweight liquid foundation, but still keeping that kinda mousse texture and feel. Now I like the feel of this foundation on my skin as it is VERY lightweight so great if you like that feeling of no foundation on your face, But! yes there's a has so much "Glitter" in it it's scary, you apply this and it's like Edward Cullen skin in the sunlight seriously!!!! 
Which I find a shame as the finish is nice but if you get lots of light on your face or sunlight you just see the glitter and it's a little to shiny looking for my liking. So if you have oily skin stay away from
this as it highlights pores super badly and even if you have dry skin not too
good as it will highlight dry patches. This foundation is the best option if you have prefect or normal 
skin or if you like the OTT glitter effect on your face then go for it, and sparkle :).
Overall 2 \ 5

This is what Revlon Promises
  • Air-infused weightless foam foundation for light-as-air feel on skin
  • Revolutionary delivery system with aerosol packaging
  • Whipped texture for even blending and undetectable, breathable coverage
  • Contains photo-chromatic pigments, which bend, reflect and diffuse light for perfectly airbrushed skin in any light
  • Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free
Extra Info
  • 39.7 Grams (1.4 Oz)
  • 8 Shades 
  • NO SPF
So what do you think of the Revlon PhotoReady Foundations?
EXTRA - I did do a video review on the Revlon PhotoReady Primer link review bellow.
REVIEW - Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer -

Till next time


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