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FLAWLESS Makeup in a Hurry? 7 Tips to make it TURE!

Hello Everyone, 

In this busy world of ours, a lot of us don't have the time to take putting our makeup on, that involves lots of detail or that last over 10\15 minutes in the morning!. I know I'm one of them most days. So I have some Quick tips that can shorten the time you take on your makeup without making the finish look, look any less perfect. 

Here we go..........

Tip 1. If you have near to perfect skin, Apply a BB Cream with a pump of your favorite primer in and combined the 2 together then apply to the face. This is great for giving light coverage, and the primer depending on if you have Oily Skin (Matte Primer) Dry Skin (Moisturizing primer) Dull Skin (Brighting Primer) ETC. You'll condition the BB cream to work with your skin and this gives the BB cream that perfected look as a Primer smooth skin, Lines and pores. 
NOTE: If your skin is a little less perfect instead of the BB Cream use a liquid foundation, this will even your skin out more giving you more coverage. 

Tip 2. If you have Oily skin apply a Powder foundation, This is quicker as it's your foundation and powder in one step and it will control oily skin better, take your powder with your for any touch ups thought the day.

Tip 3. Tried eyes don't look all that good on anyone, so here's my quick fix. 
1st apply a white kohl pencil to your waterline, next apply a Medium brown eyeshadow lightly on the eyelid and slightly more concentrated in the crease area, fabulous 2in1 eyeshadow. Then you'll want a highlighting eyeshadow applied in the inner corner of your eye. Lastly CURL your lashes as this "opens" up the eyes and then apply your mascara as normal. 
NOTE: Avoid any Blush and lipstick with a red undertone in it as this will make you look more tried and if you have red eyes, this with accentuate them. 

Tip 4. Got dull skin? it's is very simple to correct, just apply a bright pink blush that adds a little sparkle at the same time this way you have healthy colored cheeks that makes dull skin look less dull and more alive!.

Tip 5. Makeup in a hurry.......1 of my personal favourite looks for when I'm in a rush or just can't be bothered is the classic look, to create this you'll need a black kohl pencil and tight line your upper lash line and apply the same Black Kohl pencil to your waterline. A cream color eyeshadow (either Matte Or shimmer) applied all over the eyelid up to the Brow Bone. Curl and Mascara those Lashes. Apply a warm pink or Peach Blush shade to the apple of your cheeks and a classic red or Pink\Red lipstick and Bam!!!! you have perfect flawless makeup look that looks polished and Lady Like.

Tip 6. If you don't have time to apply foundation then make sure you have a heavy duty concealer. You can always sheer out the concealer to be as thin as you like, but a Concealer can do wonders in fixing the complexion up and giving it that little boost. When applying concealer apply to the areas that are most visible, like Acne marks or scaring, Under eye bags and circles and any redness covering them with the concealer making sure to blend it out.

Tip 7. Dark eyes in a flash, if you love smokey eyes or that kind of finish to the eyes then this is a great quick look, that does not take forever. 1st apply a dark grey or black eyeshadow to the lid and take the same eyeshadow underneath the eyes creating a line (but not to thick ;) next take a lighter grey shadow and apply it to the crease making sure to blend the out edges. Then apply liquid liner to the lash line and apply Mascara. All that's left now is to apply a light coral blush and lipgloss or balm for a smokey look that not to over the top and fast to create. 

Hope these quick makeup tips will help you in your morning routine! And GOOD LUCK :-)

Till next time


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