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Tag: 11 Questions!

Hello Everyone,
So I was tagged on the weekend by Sheri (you'll find her blog here - to do this 11 Question's tag, so I have her Questions ready that she's asked me to answer for this we go!

1. How tall/short are you?
I'm 174 cm Tall
2. If you were to dye your hair, what color would it be?
I've dyed my hair lots of color in the past everything between Copper/Brown To Raven Black Hair (like I have now) But If I could almost choose a "fantasy" color I would have Ariel red hair! Hehe be a living Disney Princess!
3. What are you wearing right now? even if you're not wearing anything, just say it ;) hehehe
I'm wearing right now Dark Blue Jeans, Peach colored Singlet with a white top with a French Perfume bottle Printed on the front over the top.
4. Best present you ever received?
My cat Mien I got for my Birthday, that was 8 years ago & I love her more each day she's a real sweetheart, I also have 3 other cats, so you can see I really LOVE cats.....they get so spoiled too XD
5. Are you religious?
Yes I'm a Christian, I have been since I was young, But after my Stroke and other health scares I had last year, I'm living life for each day it comes, I also feel closer to my Religion for being blessed with my health again & all the other treasurers in my life (family, close friends & a wonderful boyfriend).
6. Cheapest makeup product you own?
A White/Gold pigment I brought off from Rocket City
7. Last thing you ate?
8. How are you sitting/standing right now? 
Sitting at my laptop MAC Book-pro!
9. Who else is in the room as you are answering this?
My younger Sister she is coloring in a Disney Book (her favorite hobby) :D 
10. Who are you closer to, mum or dad?
Both! can't split that one.....Sorry! :)
11. What do you think is the coolest accent?
My favorite accent or what I think is the coolest is the french accent I love that, I also think it sounds so romantic when spoken or sang.

Thank you to Sheri for Tagging me with her 11 Q's & I hope you all enjoyed reading this too! 

Till next time


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