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OMG, YouTube Partnership Anniversary XD

Last Year (a few days ago) I became a YouTube Partner I still remember how excited I was when I got my email at a round 9pm that night, I was so overwhelmed it meant a lot to me that I was accepted, it gave me a great feeling of achievement. 
Since that humble day my video quality is now in HD 99% of the time, My subscribers & followers have grown and the Views too......I have a gained a great amount of loyal people that are not only a number in a subscribers list but my friends too. They really appreciate my work & effort (time) I take doing my videos & I always try to answer back on there (all of) the Comments or Questions I get. You give me so much back in return for all the work & money I put in too my Beauty Channel & I truly love that side of my work as it's the best job to me in the world....& Thanks to you all I'm still doing it today and will be for many years to come bigger & better but still always being ME, that will never change!



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