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Beauty Diary - Work Neutrals & Dry Lips

Dear Beauty Diary!

Another day in the working mence we people find ourselves in not that my work is horrible I love what I do but my makeup most days feels the same, office bound looks that changes as much as our office uniforms, sound familiar????. 
Yeah that's probably just my mood I'm in or my own mind it's screaming for me to pick up the mauve lipstick this morning for once instead of the pink lipstick with it's metallic sheen. :)
I wore Covergirl's Lip Perfection Lipstick today in the color Sweetheart I love this shade of pink and it goes so well with most neutral eye makeup looks I can be spotted wearing during the work week, ah that NYX Butt naked palette is a dream come true, & yes that is what I using for my eyeshadow today too!.
But back to the lipstick, my beauty diary....... My lips are a mess I know that change of seasons is ment to play havoc with my lips as it has since I was little, but come ON! Really this bad this season..... this year...... this oh my I just can't take this more!!!!! I swear I go though a lip balm a week especially in the hotter months or the dead of winter. Now I will say that the Maybelline Baby Lips is doing a better job, but I still need to find my holy grial lip balm or treatment so I can forget about my lips being so dry. 

On a lighter and happy note today I used one of the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow's today as my color base for my eyeshadow, I used tough as taupe. It's an interesting color but goes really well with brown eyeshadow, giving it that something special and adding a slight multi colored effect in the sunlight which I noticed when walking outside today seeing if my makeup still looked good, compact mirrors gotta love them & yes it still did look good:D

So till another day my Beauty Diary.
Hugs Erica


  1. My search for the perfect lip balm is over. I have discovered My Favorite Night Balm by C.O. Bigelow available at Bath and Body Works. I put it on my lips every night and it has made a world of difference! I find that I rarely need lip balm during the day if I am faithful at applying this every night. Have a great day! I always enjoy! Thanks!


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