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Beauty Diary - You've got the Power...Minerals that is!

Dear Beauty Diary, 

It has has been along fact (and you should know) that I love shopping and discount stores is wear the beating of my heart lies for makeup deals. It's where I can find makeup priced cleared to go or just priced cheaper, it is well one of my fantasies ;) 
When I did go shopping this week I found the Maybelline Mineral Power Foundation priced cleared to go and lucky for me they had one left in my shade (Light 1). I remembered this foundation from my past foundation wearing days, I brought this a few years back when it 1st came out for my then very oily didn't go so well :( Why then would I buy it again??????. 
Well I have combination skin now and a better skincare routine and anything makes a difference right?! Kinda right!
I wore this for the whole day and even tho it did not go crazy on me like a few years back it's still nothing I would rave about anytime soon, but hey! with a few more days wear I might start to like it.

I seem to have an obsession with Purple eyeshadow or lipstick on the weekends , what's the deal with that! This is the 4th weekend in a row that I'm wear a shade of purple.......boy oh boy I really need to change my color soon I can smell the "I'm in a makeup rut" coming and coming fast, LOL
I love peach but even god knows I've worn that to it's bitter ending, and I need a fresh bold color diary, and soon.....maybe Red or Orange? 

Talking about makeup ruts I love wearing my Maybelline The falsies Mascara in the flared version, Wooooooo! this Mascara just makes my lashes look full, longer and flutter with ease :) I'm now on my 2nd tube and I even brought a new one as back up for when this one dries up in a few weeks, I love this Mascara and it's in my top favorites for sure. It's funny in the ad for this Mascara the Maybelline "models" have angel wings, now most of the time we know that ads lie, but in this case it really is worthy of the angel wings because this mascara was sent down from the heavens for my lovely lashes.

So till another day my Beauty Diary.
Hugs Erica


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