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The New Foundation Generation?!

Hello Everyone, 
I'm a self confessed foundation junkie, I love trying new foundation & then reviewing them of course for all of you! So when the new "generation" of foundation came out in the aerosol can promising "light as air" coverage, How could this "cosmeticjunkie" pass up the option to try them and hope for the best. There are 2 "Air" version of this type of foundation at the drugstore the Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation & Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation.
Starting with the cheapest of the 2, the Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation. This is apart of the "Dream" collection which I do own all of the different versions, with the Dream Matte Mousse Foundation being 1 of my favorites. 
I was excited to try this lastest version! I picked this up in the shade Porcelain Ivory, which is my shade color across the whole maybelline "Dream" collection. I was really happy the color match was still the same & on the skin it color matched pretty good. As for the foundation itself not a lot to say really when you shake it up I pump it out to the back of my hand, it's a very light mousse in feeling and look, with my fingers or brush I apply this to the face. This is a little hard to "pick" up and apply to the skin because it's so light in texture but once you get the hang of it and blend it out over the face, I have found this to be very mousse-liquid like in application and feel of it on the skin's contact. It really has a very light coverage to buildable Light-medium coverage but definitely NO more then that, not too good if you'd have a lot to cover and this has a satin finish on the skin. This also looked really unnatural on my skin after a few hours wear (within about 5 hours), it went a little orange looking & patchy on my skin and within 2 days of using it Oh NO acne breakout!. I did wear this a few more days just to make sure it was the foundation causing the acne and it was due to my acne spots get worse I knew the foundation was to blame! so I would say my skin's not liking this foundation at all :( So if you have Oily skin or Sensitive skin use with caution. 

With that being said we still have the next version from Revlon the PhotoReady Airbrush Foundation, now if you did read my blog overview on the Revlon PhotoReady Collection, then you'll probably already know what I'm about to say then ;) but for those that missed that post here's what I said about this PhotoReady foundation.
The most recent one to join the Revlon PhotoReady Range and overall Collection, and the most unique of them all. This foundation is like hair mousse, meaning in the style this is dispensed from the aerosol bottle. You shake this foundation well then apply it to the back of your hand. I find this is the best way, you will notice it's very mousse like and has goes bubbly with the air contact. When you go to apply this to you face it turns in to a lightweight liquid foundation, but still keeping that kinda mousse texture and feel. Now I like the feel of this foundation on my skin as it is VERY lightweight so great if you like that feeling of no foundation on your face, But! yes there's a has so much "Glitter" in it it's scary, you apply this and it's like Edward Cullen skin in the sunlight seriously!!!! Which I find a shame as the finish is nice but if you get lots of light on your face or sunlight you just see the glitter and it's a little to shiny looking for my liking. So if you have oily skin stay away from this as it highlights pores super badly and even if you have dry skin not too
good as it will highlight dry patches. This foundation is the best option if you have prefect or normal 
skin or if you like the OTT glitter effect on your face then go for it, and sparkle :).

Overall not to impressed with the "air" foundations, I still prefer to use the good old liquid foundation, until these "next gen" foundation's improve a lot, won't be using again!

If you have used any of these 2 "Air" foundation's what did you think? Leave me a comment bellow......  

Hugs Erica


  1. Oh No! They sound awful :-( I am so glad you did this, I will stay away. Regarding the dream matt mousse, how do you apply it? xx

    1. Yes they were not good at all & I apply the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse with my Angled Sigma Brush that way I have found you can blend it out better and not get caked on coverage. :) xo


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