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Beauty Diary - Smoky & Trying new things!

Dear Beauty Diary,
It was new and had a shiny stand & I had to buy it so that's my confession!

Going to the drugstore is one of my favorite things to do, now I know I buy to much makeup. Boy O' Boy!!!!!! seeing my Makeup collection video back you really get the 2nd person perspective, but never the less I love new beauty products and weeding out the good from the bad the truth from the lies. So Maybelline had 2 new thing come out and I finally decided to buy them as holding off was just not an option anymore, no will power here Diary, LOL!
I got the Maybelline BB Cream & the Maybelline The MEGA Plush Mascara a newer version in the Volume'Express Collection. The BB Cream to no real surprise had light coverage and on it's fist day of wear I'm happy to report no Acne spots, HAPPY!
The Mascara 1st day wearing it today is well I LOVE IT....I don't know why I did not buy this sooner, but owning or have owned the other versions in the Maybelline Volume'Express Mascara Collection I love the different versions this comes in having Falsies "flared" version still has my number 1 favorite, But I still really love the effect this MEGA Plush version gave my lashes one thing about this I did like better is no Brittle lashes Woooooooo! It had claimed that on the packaging but it's true, I had build't up about 3 coats and no "crunchy" lashes. 
I also decided on a daytime friendly smokey eye today, I found some eyeshadows in my collection that I had long forgotten about well actually there pigments but you know ;)
So I used the sleek pigments I got last year for my Birthday from a friend, I used the Maybelline Color Tattoo as my base and the look had lasted the whole day. So all in all it was a good day not only my makeup staying in one place but it was a productive day! I hate work days when you feel like all the work is meaning nothing, but lucky today I was in a good mood and work was my friend today not my enemy!
I hope tomorrow is going to be just as Bright and Productive, here's hoping fingers crossed! :D

So till another day my Beauty Diary.
Hugs Erica


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