TUTORIAL: JASMINE Disney Princess from Aladdin Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
For my Halloween Tutorials is this week is Disney week. I'm re-doing the main Disney Princesses this year in HD and with better makeup design, This has been requested & I feel it needs to be better due to last year I was battling illness when I was filming them! 
So 3rd up on the re-make list is Jasmine from Aladdin
The Desert Rose Princess, Princess Jasmine's makeup look is bold and gentle at the same time. Princess Jasmine is my favorite princess, I remember when I saw the Disney movie when it came out I just so wanted to be just like her :) & ever since she has been my favorite.
Here is the Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N7Qcvz-WqI

Hugs Erica