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TUTORIAL: MEGARA Disney Princess from Hercules Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Thought out the month of October I'm still re-doing some of the Disney Princess looks I did last year, but with better makeup look/design and in Full HD too. I have done most of them now, only the last few left:). This has been requested & I feel it needs to be better due to last year I was battling illness when I was filming them! 
So 9th up on the re-make list is Megara from Disney's Hercules 
Megara was very sultry and was definitely her own woman, she had sold her sold her soul to hades for an old love that did not repay her well, But finding hercules she found true  love &  got her soul back :) She's is one of the few non villain disney ladies to have a real makeup look so this is what have recreating also adding a little of my own flair!
Here is the Link -

Hugs Erica


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