TUTORIAL: RAPUNZEL Disney Princess From Tangled Makeup

Hello Everyone, 
Thought out the month of October I'm still re-doing some of the Disney Princess looks I did last year, but with better makeup look/design and in Full HD too. I have done most of them now, only the last few left:). This has been requested & I feel it needs to be better due to last year I was battling illness when I was filming them! 
So 6th up on the re-make list is Rapunzel From Tangled
The girl with the really long and magic blonde hair, Rapunzel! She has a very soft girly "fresh" fairytale look about her and she's kinda the "perfect" Princess! :) 
Here the Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FczQrpo8ME

Hugs Erica