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Dear Beauty Diary - I Pledge FOREVER

(Hello Everyone)
Dear Dairy,

Isn't it amazing how the simplest things can change your life. A rut of any kind can and will be damaging. Now I'm not only talking about makeup, but LIFE too! 

Change is good.......... Hell yes! 
I have often been a person guilty of holding on to past issues, memories and situation and almost recycle them in my mind, but this just like any other life rut is damaging to your life and in my case my health too. When you realize that you've wasted your time it is very disappointing to come to reality. And in my case I felt silly that I had wasted time being depressed on stuff that just went the way it did because it was ment to be like that.
For most of us letting something go is hard to do, but the benefits are so much more better then the thoughts and worries you cause your self.

I am coming from personal experience. And have been though enough to know that the world is not always your best friend, but sometimes you can be your own worst enemy in return.

How to solve it what ever it may be! 
For each person the problems will be different, so please keep that in mind for yourself!
1. Thing which is a silent problem often is dwelling on the problems is number one no NO, work to resolve the issue at hand, speak out if you can!. If you can't or there are just no benefits due to it being a past issue or mind set. Then find something to change you mind set and thinking process COMPLETELY, not as easy as it sounds I know, but remember the only thing keeping you from happiness is yourself in 80% of cases, SO finding a new hobby is essential to keeping the mind active and happy. This could be a number of things a new Music style or Band, reading, movies, Gaming or a new game. Walking, taking up a craft even gardening and maybe writing can help a lot to make you focus on TODAY and what's real or more important.    

Letting Go!!!!!
Most often the person holding on to the problems is the one who suffers the most. 
So free yourself if it's not apart of your life (anymore) and if your not hurting anyone then make peace with it.
If you can't remember it!, Rejoice in it.
It was not that important to remember and it's never a sin to forget, it's human.
And most important for me was faith so if you believe then embrace that and the people that mean the most to you in your life. And most importantly SMILE :-) 
Life is to short and crap will happen just make sure you don't build your home with those crap bricks or it will always stink.
And no one deserve that. 

So I'm sending hugs and love too you all and make sure 2013 your happiest year yet.


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