Hi Everyone,
Happy HAPPY Why? Cause it's December and that means 1 BIG Thing!!!!
CHRISTMAS! And it the time of year when my house became a happy joyful place not that it always is that, but in December it just feeling different & blessed!

So I have 3 Christmas trees, YES 3 LOL! and it goes from really big tree to small tree! Along with all the assortments to make the Christmas cheer feeling in my house.
As my living room is the main attraction this is what you will see in the video.
Merry Christmas everyone, & I wish you all a fantastic, happy, & peaceful NEW YEAR for 2013  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeBwYAdjMK0

Hugs & Love


  1. Hello.my w i s h i s f o r w o r l d peace.i l o v e y o u r v i d e o s a n d i l o v e n a r s m a k e u p!s o i h o p e t o w i n!! :-) t a k e c a r e.s o r r y m y p h o n e i s w r i t i n g o d d l y! B y e b y e. M a r y


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