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Get Set - Hair Change! & 2013

Hello Everyone!

Awh it feels so good to be blogging again and soon enough I will be filming again too starting early in the new year of 2013 :). 
Talking about the new year, about 6\7 weeks ago I colored my hair a "cranberry" Black shade, so there was suppose to be like a reddish tint glow on the hair with a black base, but for me this did not go to plan and the hair turned out really red at the roots to blackish at the tips of the hair a total color disaster (Thanks L'Oreal).
But I decided today that I was refusing to go in to the new fresh start of 2013 looking like I did with hair color and style that it was YUK! 
So I picked up a box of my trust old Schwarzkopf Perfect Mousse in Black which I 1st used early this year. I did a whole 1st impressions blog post on it (linked here if your interested?! and if your coloring your hair at home I have covered that too in a hair coloring Tutorial

But getting back to the hair it's looking SO SO much better then what it was before, it really was a SOS situation and that's just not my style it keep it looking like that. 
I was born with Black hair naturally and over the years of my Teens to my Adult life I have always change my hair color, as do so many of us Girls (and Guys) do, but seeing this Black hair back I think I will stick with what God gave me naturally and that was Beautiful Black Locks which I got back with a little help from Schwarzkopf.

Oh and I'm also in the process of growing my hair out as I really want the long locks I've dreamed of having back, so I will see how quickly I can achieve that and also for Christmas this year I got the VS Curl Magic (styling wand) and OMG It's awesome. I can get loose waves or really curly hair in a simple and easy 20 minuets and it's looks amazing. So if you like hair like that then I really recommended for you to check it out!  

Hugs & Love


  1. lovely hair and color :))) you look amazing..:))) Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thank you & Happy New Year to you too :)


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