TUTORIAL: Green With Envy - 100% Drugstore Makeup Look

Hello Everyone,
Finally another Makeup tutorial for you all, only this one is a little different as I apply my foundation, concealer and powder is well, as this was requested I'd do in some tutorials. So this look is using 100% Drugstore makeup, from Catrice, essence, L'oreal and More!!

I wanted to to this look as I have worn this look before last week and really liked how it turned out as you know I'm normally not one for Green eyeshadow, but this was pretty :)

You cans use this look for St Patrick's day Or even witch  themed makeup for Halloween just dress the face up with some green contorting, you could even apply some green glitter to to the lid to make this a party makeup look too, but this i like how it was for the daytime "shopping look"

Check it out here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRYFuuf0144

Thank you so much for Watching & have a wonderful day
Hugs Erica