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BLOG: MAC Paint Pots the Rise and Fall (To Maybelline)

Hello Everyone, 

Rediscovering makeup in your collection that you have not used in a good while, can sometimes be as good as winning the "Beauty" lottery! I was cleaning up my makeup collection the other day and re-found my MAC Paint Pots.
Now once upon a time these were my Holy Grail (HG) eye colour bases and sort of Eye Primers I would use close to everyday if not everyday at one point in time for me.

Then Maybelline came out with the Color Tattoo's and for some reason the MAC Paint Pots found there way in the forget basket. 

Upon rediscovering these a few days back, I started using these again this week, I must say I really missed some of the amazing colors that come in the MAC collection of Paint Pots.
Just the beauty of Rubenesque with it's gold, peachy almost coral look and satin finish on the eyes when applied and then toped with a matching eyeshadow, there sometimes is nothing better then just matching colors of the same colour family for your eye makeup, Perfection.
One of my old favourites and still is after using it again last night is the MAC Paint Pot in Indianwood, talk about your bronze babe smoky eye, oooh is it hot here?! Oh it's just the bronzer haha! seriously just stunning when applied with all shades of bronze and browns toped over the top, with a little Black as contrast for that added nighttime drama. 

When I look back, at one of my most OVER used products in the eye department it would have to be MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, OMG is it only me or was every "beauty guru" a few years ago raving about this or what. I personally brought this one by chance as it is a natural color and would work under all eyeshadow colors which is true!! As it is a perfect nude colour base. 
And no doubt it deserved the hype. But after finding a great primer like the essence I love stage Primer or for something more High-end the Urban Decay Eden Primer (this is the Matte One)
Painterly paint pot dose loose it's appeal and long lasting wearing during the day! 

It's stunning to think that while I have been using the MAC Paint Pots again for this week, I have compared everyone of them to the Maybelline Color Tattoo's! What's going on?!
But really I have to say that Maybelline now owns this department in the colour bases. 
They don't crease, they last all day and for sure when eyeshadow is applied over the top of them, there finishes can give your shadows an award wining look! 
3 cheers for the drugstore, especially when you look at the price difference between the two, WOW! 

So I guess for someone who was a MAC Paint Pot lover for years, the love as moved to Maybelline and there joy to my Makeup Collection the humble, Color Tattoo's  

Which do you think is better MAC Or Maybelline??! 

Till my Next post, Hugs Erica



  1. Excellent post! Completely agree with you...MAC paintpots has certainly gone into my forget drawer as well. My life's mission has been to collect almost all the Color Tattoo shades, utter perfection.

    1. Thank you and same for me, collecting all the Maybelline color tattoo's is a must :) x


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