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BLOG REVIEW: essence 24H Hand Protection Balm \ Hand Cream

Hello Everyone.
Wow it's been a long time ago that I just Blogged!
1st up I'm really sorry for not posting regular Blog Reviews exclusive to here and all that jazz! So I'm here today to start up on my Blogging again, even tho I have been posting my Youtube video links here with the description ;-)

Any who! Today's Blog Review is something I had promised.
It's about the essence 24H Hand Protection Balm \ Cream.
Each hand cream has a very interesting and "winter hot drink" kinda smell and vibe going on about them. I picked these up just over a 2 weeks ago and have been using them since then.

These are Winter Edition Hand creams from essence and I had been wanting these since I saw there advertisement "sneak peek" over 3 months back on there Facebook Page!
When I finally found them at my local Drugstore about the 2 weeks ago, I brought all 3 in the collection, they are Gingerbread Chai Latte, Apple Cinnamon Punch & Caramel Hot Chocolate.

Essentially I was not sure what to make of them when I first smelled them all, as they are not your "typical" scents hand creams normal have. But interesting enough I have come to Love, Like and Hate them each in there own order. I really do have clear favourites in the collection, so let me get right to it.

These each come in a squeeze tube with a very good cap that is both easy to open and secure when closed, they all are 24 Hour moisturising Cream or as they say Balm. And the cream or balm is a white color which blends out to translucent like most if not all hand moisturisers, None of these gave my hands any rash or irritated my skin, Thank Goodness. But here is were they differ from each other. 

Gingerbread Chai Latte: This one is the one I like, it has an very interesting scent that reminds me of Christmas when I smell it, more Gingerbread in smell then Chai for that I'm sure. Which I prefer much better to be the lingering scent. Speaking of lingering this one can last up to an hour with that "gingerbread" scent on your hands. So not something if you don't like long last scents like this! It's smooth to apply and blends in to the hands very nicely.
I give this one a 7 \ 10

Apple Cinnamon Punch: I LOVE this one, it's the perfect scent and the one I have already brought 2 back ups of. This is very "Holiday" smelling too and the cinnamon has the over hand in the scent department here, but I do find the apple in this does soften the "spiciness" that cinnamon can have at times. This cream blends in so well and was super quick drying but left the hands feeling almost refreshed. I liked that this was also the only one that did not feel over greasy after being applied. I found the scent in this cream \ balm lasted for anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.
I give this one a 9.5 \ 10

Caramel Hot Chocolate: Okay so this one gets the booby prize, I personally did not like this one at all. It was slightly more greasy on the hands and just not as nice to blend out, not a HUGE difference, but enough that I did notice it. Also this stinks it does not smell at all like Caramel nor Hot Chocolate! Which was very disappointing instead this smelled like very "FAKE" caramel that left a horrid chemical smell on the hands afterwards, which would last for a good hour after applying it.  
Now I  have tried this multiple times and each time it's smelled and done the same things. 
So I give this a 3\10

Okay depending if you like scented hand cream and that you like it giving your hands 24 Hour moisturising then YES I would say go and try these out! You'll find them at selected Drugstores OR Target and retail anywhere between $2-3 Dollars each. 
I would Highly recommend you smell the testers (if your store has that, mine did) to see how they treat your hands and if the smell is something you like! 

Till my next Post, Thank you for reading
Hugs Erica


  1. The Gingerbread Chai Latte definitely captures my attention. I love anything Ginger around the Christmas/Winter holidays.

    Thanks for the review!


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