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Hello Everyone,
I was tagged by the lovely Jess todo this TAG video all about Lipstick! It is the Crazy about lipstick TAG video, I love the idea completely devoted to Lipsticks, so I thought I would honor being tag!!
Check out my video here:
And if your intersted in checking out Jess Channel that is linked Bellow :)
Jess's Youtube Channel:

The Questions:
1. How many Lipsticks in your Collection?
2. How old were you, when you started using Lipstick?
3. What (are) Lipsticks you cant you leave or live without?
4. Show a Lipstick you use, to stand out.
5. What was the last Lipstick you bought?
6. What Lipstick did you regret buying?
7. What is your Fave Lipstick at the moment or at this moment?
8. Can you show us a Lipstick you Love?
9. Most expensive & Cheapest Lipstick in your collection?
10. Do you Like, Love or Addicted to Lipsticks?
11. Show a Lipstick that reminds you of someone Special.

Till my next post,
Hugs Erica


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