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Hello Everyone! 
So to start of my ever big Halloween productions on my youtube channel I'm starting with my 1st look \ makeup tutorial for you all this year - 2013. 
If you've been watching me from the beginning or even from off last year, you know I buy the costumes and wigs and special makeup to do each look well enough and also I add my theatrical edge too :-) 
So I had a Halloween Makeup Tutorial Poll up on my Facebook Page, Instragram and my Twitter to ask which themed look you all wanted 1st and Gothic won, So that's why I've done the look for Morticia Addams first up. 
Her Mysterious and captivating look is very striking and "pretty" goth looking, I love this look and I hope you enjoy recreating this look with me or just enjoy the video!

P.S. Many other "themed" looks coming soon, So there will be something for everyone!! NEXT UP will be My Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial - Coming next week.      

Thank you for Watching & till my next Post,
Hugs Erica



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