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REVIEW: GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment 2014

Hello Everyone,
So I decided that I was going to try the GlamGlow SuperMud, as I'm in the beauty industry I've heard the buzz on this "SuperMud" for a while now. But as everything that is hyped up sometimes it's just that a hype! So I will admit that I went into this a bit sceptical.
This Mud Mask has mixed reviews as with any product, but 80% of people liked it or were loving it, naturally I wanted to give my verdict and my 1st impressions of this beauty / skincare Super Mud!

Okay So I brought the clearing treatment one, I believe there are 4 in the collection of these GlamGlow Masks, the one I have is more suitable for combination to very oily skin and also for acne breakouts etc. - Note for dry skin try the Hydrating treatment from GlamGlow it's in a blue pot ;)

When you 1st open the pot you'll notice it's a charcoal grey coloured mask, when you apply this to CLEAN (freshly washed) skin you'll see it's the same color as in the jar, but then the "Magic" happens.

On the 1st side you'll see what the packing looks like and under that what the mask looks like just freshly applied to the skin, up the top of the next row is what the mask dose after being on the skin for 6 minutes. It oxidises to a lighter Blue color and you'll start to notice little dark "flecks or spots" appear on your skin. This is were the impurities are, think like were you'd have acne or oily skin residue buildup, it's gross I know! but I really like that you can see the mask starting to work on your skin.

Now on how the mask feels on the skin, it's not as horrible as you'd might imagine, I have VERY sensitive skin so if anything is going to Burn, Sting and Hurt my face a face mask will do it. BUT this mask to my surprise did not burn nor did it sting. It gives the skin a slight tingle sensation but that's only for a minute or so and then the mask feels tight on the skin and goes hard.
- Tip: the longer you leave it on your skin the harder the mask will become.
After about the 15 minute mark you'll see (in the close up shot) that the mask as made my pores very, Very visible and more of those dark spots will appear. Also the mask is now a lighter shade of the blue that it was before.

As you go to wash it off after the 15 minutes, it's a very refreshing and cooling feeling on the skin as the water hits the skin, it's strange yet pleasant feeling. This was very easy to remove, because the moment the GlamGlow mask gets wet it turns into a watered down paste form again.
I liked to use a wet wash cloth to gentle rub this off my face, in circler motions very softly over the skin.

The skin dose feel different and oh so clean in more ways than just looking clean, the pores were smaller in appearance the skin was very soft, redness reduced and overall WOW my skin just looked semi-perfect. I'm super impressed and for me to to be impressed on my 1st application takes a lot for me to say. But I'm super happy with the results and I feel that it's done something good for my skin, and not only that I 've seen it too!

So I guess seeing is believing, in the beauty world ;-)

Till my next post,
Hugs Erica


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