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NO Makeup TAG

Hello Everyone,
Today's video is the NO Makeup TAG! and yes for this video I'm wearing NO Makeup Ha Ha!!
I saw my Friend here on YouTube do this TAG video too and I through I would like to join in with the fun :)

The QUESTIONS - No Makeup Tag:
1. Scouts honor that you're not wearing any makeup?
2. What is one makeup product you can't live without?
3. What is one makeup product you can live without?
4. Do you feel comfortable without makeup?
5. Which part of your face do you like most?
6.Where is one place you will never go without makeup on?
7. Where is one place you can go to without makeup on?
8. Would you rather go without makeup for a week or let your significant other do your makeup for an entire week?

Till my next video
Hugs Erica


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