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Hello Everyone,  
Today’s video is my last video for this year! I’ve been having some health issues again with my heart etc and I haven’t had a holiday for a good year nearly so I really wanted to take this holiday season to do that, get healthily and sort the medical problems out as well as just relax and take time out from my work as well as the youtube just for this month of december! 

I hope you guys understand and know that I LOVE YOU ALL so much and I appreciate everything from the views, comments the thumbs up to the more personal things like the friends I’ve made this year and opportunity's I’ve had this year is well in order to grow my channel as been a blessing and has made me really happy and thankful!
Thank you, much love and till January 2015. 

Hugs Erica Xx
a.k.a Alwayscosmeticjunkie 

P.S. Watch the VLOG Video Here:

F.Y.I - If you'd like to follow up on what I'm doing in my holiday break please feel free to follow me on Twitter: @erica4beauty
& Instagram: alwayscosmeticjunkie  


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