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Worst Of Beauty 2014 | Alwayscosmeticjunkie

Hello Everyone,

Longtime NO post!
Sorry about that I was away all December due to Health and Personal reasons, BUT I'm back for the New Year and ready to tackle on another year of beauty videos etc, starting with my round up of all the beauty products that didn't work out for me and have got the Worst of Beauty Title.
Such a happy note to start out the new year Ha -HA :) 
But has many of you know for the past 4 years of my Youtube Career I have done the Best Of Beauty round up video sharing my most loved makeup for that year, which is coming in a video soon is well as normal.

But I was asked by a good few of my lovely subscribers to also dedicate a video to the bad too this year, so I have done just that.

Enjoy and also Happy New Year! xo

Till my next post,
Hugs Erica.T. 


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