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REVIEW & DEMO | NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hello Everyone,
So as you know I am a confessed Foundation addict! I love a good foundation, heaven even grant me a great foundation and I'm one happy makeup user, lover and Youtuber etc :)

But not all foundation's are made equally which is why in my lifetime up till now I have brought up to 80 different foundations since the dawning age of me wearing makeup (when I was 16)

I wanted to try yet another foundation (making this 81) because well why not!, right?
And it's well known if you've followed my blog or watched my videos etc that I have mentioned that I love the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.
So being that NARS was so nice to release something new in my most loved category, I just had to pick this one up.........& this happened about 3 weeks ago.

I have this foundation in the shade Mont Blanc (Light 2) it's the same shade I wear in the Sheer Glow & Sheer Matte Foundations, so the shading is very similar.
And as you might also know I have Combination skin that is very sensitive.

So if you'd like to know my throughts on the Pros & Cons of this foundation and wether I like it or loath it, please click the direct video link bellow. Enjoy :) xo


Till my next post,
Hugs Erica.T.


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