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DEMO & REVIEW | Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

Hello Friends,   Today’s video is my long awaited demo / review on a very talked about foundation, please excuse that my review is a little late. 
So I have been testing it out for over the month now wearing it over primers both high-end and drugstore wether they be mattifying or brighting ones and I've been wearing it on it’s own too for a full work week so 5 days.  As you might already know I have complicated skin, so I have combination skin that currently is more on the oily side, but when I started testing this foundation out originally it was more on the dry side excusing the T-Zone which is always oily.  After 4+ weeks I have my final thoughts on this very much HYPED Foundation from Too Faced. Enjoy xo
Here's the link -

Thank you for reading and watching  Till next time, Hugs Erica xo Alwayscosmeticjunkie

HOT OR NOT? | Drugstore Skincare Review - Morning and Night

Hello Friends,   Today’s video is an update on some new skincare I’ve been using and testing out for the last 4 to 5 weeks, this video is done in Hot Or Not? style that way I could mini review more things for you guys. I have skin that changes all the time I started the testing with dry/combo skin and closer to the end I had oily/combo my skin has ALWAYS been like that so it’s not an influence of the products used. But I have been keeping a skin journal and have my mini-review / results what worked for me and what didn’t.
Enjoy xo
Here's the link -

THANK YOU for the last 5 Years!

Hello my dearest friends,   -- 1st up sorry for not posting on my blog in months. 
So today is a very humbling day for me personally it was 5 years ago to date and I was just a shy 21 your old and I wanted to share my knowledge of beauty and maybe make some friends or good memory’s along the way of having a YouTube Channel. I had aspire to do this ever since seeing other lovely girls do it too like panacea81 etc. 
Today 5 years later and now a happy and more confident 26 year old, I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart not for just watching my videos that I’ve uploaded, but also for the heart-warming comments throughout my troubles that I’ve shared to the nice to super lovely comments left on all other videos all 764 of them.  Thanks for the thumbs up and the love shown to my makeup channel over the last few years, has been something I never thought possible. BUT you all have made such a difference to my life today, I love making beauty videos no matter what they might…