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BAKING YOUR FACE!! for a flawless poreless look.

Hello fellow readers,
So due to requests from a few of my lovely subscribers on my previous videos from last week I have filmed and uploaded a demo tutorial style video for "face bake" now this has become a popular trend it started to become the "new" hot thing todo last year (2015) and even tho I have been doing this for years personally as I learned this in makeup academy years as I am a trained MUA, but this makeup technique of baking the face is 100+ years old as it was originally used as a stage makeup tip for keeping the thick and emollient face makeup - foundation.

So I hope you do enjoy this video and the tips I give throughout for dry skin and oily skin so hopefully you can all use this technique to keep your makeup on ALL DAY!


Thank you for reading and watching. 
Hugs Erica xo


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