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Sephora Makeup Haul & More!

Hello Everyone,
So you knew it was coming and to be fair I can say that it's the fact I make beauty videos it was needed for future videos, truth of the matter really is I love new makeup and Sephora and the Drugstore is my heaven on earth. So I was excited to get these in the mail as I've been wanting these beauty products for awhile.

NOTE: I will be doing Makeup Tutorial looks with the new Kat Von D palette I got as well as review and demos of the foundations and more.

I also touched bases in this video on the background which I did change to just white, but it was a 50/50 reaction to the plain white background taking away my Star Wars Bedroom background, which I had previously for 6 months. I wanted to work around this problem as best I could and make close to everyone happy :) so I have made set videos with or without the white background, as personally I do feel the quality and color is better and more true to color as I am seeing which shows up better on video with the white background hence why Reviews and Tutorials will have the plain backing, but otherwise the force will be strong in my videos my Star Wars Bedroom will be showing behind me as it use too.

For more info about the background as well as the Haul video with swatches and more check out the link:

Thank you for your time!
Erica xo


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