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Hello Fellow Readers!

November is her and can you hear the christmas music playing? yes it started pretty much at midnight on the 1st of November. So that for a beauty lover and MUA like myself means that new holiday themed sets are out in force from so many brands that entering a Sephora can be a tad overwhelming. 

I always go out of my way to buy the Too Faced set of some sort every year and this year so no different.... the Best Year Ever Palette I brought a week ago and have been testing out. I have my review out now on this set and if it's worth it... check it out here:

Thanks for your time,
Until my next post!
Erica x

Spooky Makeup Days! FEATURE: πŸŽƒ A Week of Halloween Tutorials 2017

Hello Fellow Readers

Feel that ghoulish feeling in the air?  It’s October!
Which means my favorite calendar event has come around again: Halloween!!!!

Anyone could probably guess by now that if you give me a chance to dress up, I am in my happy place. Nothing’s changed over the last 7 to 8 years for my YouTube channel either.

If you didn’t know it was Halloween week on my channel? I thought I would share the wrap up of my makeup looks here on my blog JUST in case you missed any or maybe you didn’t know about them in the 1st place and you might be interested in watching?!

A variety of looks went up this year from light to dark, even SPX this year too!
Here’s what I posted.





Thank you for stopping by to read my post and if you decided to watch any of these halloween looks I crea…


Hello Fellow Readers!

So here I am just to update my blog readers (you guys) on the high-points of this past month video wise of the content I created that I love to just share with you all. Now if your subscribed to my YouTube channel then you might know that I am very active on YouTube - posting new videos every week and about 3 new videos to be exacted in a week.

But I wanted to give a quick round-up of 5 videos that I think you may be interested in,  if you’ve missed them in your subscription feed or if your just overwhelmed by what to watch next then maybe my 5 favourite videos I have uploaded this month is a place to start.

Where to start tho! well…. for the 1st time "I wasn't late to the party" meaning I was in the “hype time” to review something this was a little exciting for me not gonna lie as this almost never happens for me as I live outside the U.S. and product launches are often later!

If you're wondering what I'm hinting about, I am naturally takin…


Hello fellow readers,

So, I am no stranger to dying my hair a different color somewhat, but over the past 13 months I have literally changed my hair color every 3 odd months... crazy I know and not something I'd advised to do yourself.

But I have wanted what I love to call "Ariel Red Hair" referencing from the famous Disney Princess for the longest time, that bright pop of red just excites me. It is SO different and can make you facial features pop like you eye color as an example or your cheekbones can look softer or more harsh just depending.... all this just from what color hair you choose. absolutely!

Personally having very black hair, I have always been scared of bleaching my hair. I know the darker your hair color is the more damage you will have to go through to get your hair into the color you want it. Now I have done the ombre look with my hair, which in my case involved you guessed it bleaching the ends of my hair or the color just wouldn't show up. Over th…


Hello fellow readers,

Who doesn't love color even just a single shade of green say? or red maybe? and what about blue?.

Color can do so much, especially with makeup wethers it is a bright bold lip color or an eyeshadow look. It can make any day feel like summer. So I decided to play with color just for fun this week and what better way to inject color into your makeup then with the use of the full spectrum palette by Urban Decay and well.... also a few other of my favorite palettes to add the odd shade of peach and natural creamy shade for the brow bone area. I didn't want to go all out 80's with the glitter or faded blue brow bone color. Yikes.... not today!

Beginner friendly - LINK TO THE TUTORIAL:

Thank you for your time!  Until my next post,  Erica xx


Hello Fellow Readers,

Today's video is a makeup tutorial using the Marc Jacobs Night Owl Palette, this style eye-con palette contains beautiful shades like a true Aztec gold, a mermaid turquoise blue, soft beige gold, as well as your typical neutral shades like dark brown, cream and a midnight black shade.... Oh and did I mention a gorgeous deep taupe plum shade, that's fairly unique.
All in all this palette is a lovely "night" appropriate palette giving you easy to create looks for a night out on the town or for going on a date. But I've personally never lived by the limitations of any palette, so if you wanna rock that smokey eye during the daylight hours.... then you do you!

As I mentioned in the tutorial please note these shades are a little harder to work with, don't let that worry you I only mean to say that you'll have to do a little extra blending. Their not as creamy and easy to blend as many of the other palettes we have come to use and love as …


Hello Fellow Readers,

Ah! there is nothing quite like cake face right?? I am only joking! 
But seriously a full face of a makeup doesn't have to feel or look like "cake face" if you know what you're doing. Now I personally love a full coverage foundation all the time as, it gives you the option to make your base look like skin using only an amount that would mean light to medium coverage or you can go all out and wipe the slate clean and give yourself that barbie winning skin.

If you have more oily skin these techniques will work for you too as well if you have drier skin, a little tip just incase powder scares you due to having dry skin.... a hydrating setting spray is your answer as your last added step to this tutorial.

If your interesting in learning how to create the perfect base and learn a few of my tips along the way then please click on the direct video link:

Thank you for your time!
until my next post,
Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers!

So as the title above suggests it's a fresh new look on my channel, with a new background and a few other little changers behind the scenes for my Youtube Channel.
What prompted all of this.... well I turned a year older (now 28) and I tend to revaluate things, I especially wanted to take a look at my channel and make a change in the background etc.

So, I went past my videos from over the last 7 years and looked at how the video looked and such. Now having a WAY better camera and lighting setup these days dose help me but something was missing. I felt I was being lost in translation for being a beauty channel these past 2(ish) years with the busy background I used to have, seeing this I knew it needed a change.
I found a video from a few years back (2014) when my channel was doing really well and my background was simple and girly just the lace. SO I decide for that as my background once again with a few add mod-cons for it being 2017.

Check the video out her…


Hello Fellow Readers,

This week was a fun and different week on my YouTube channel, instead of being on my own filming and such I was joined by my BBF which happens to also be my younger sister.

So, you may have seen Sonja appear in my Halloween videos, in the intros!
But she offered to co-star on my channel this week for a fun beauty video where we tested out top -rated makeup at Sephora and then just for fun a video that's just been posted as it is Friday, sharing some random non-beauty current obsessions / favorites.

If you're interested in any of these new videos I have linked both of them below.

Enjoy and thank you for watching.
Till next time!
Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers,

When I saw Tarte had released new make up I instantly went to Sophora online to see what new things I could snatch up! To my wonderment Tarte had released unicorn inspired make up brushes... anyone who knows me knows of anything fairytale inspired is completely right up my alley so hence I bought them including some of the new releases from Tarte, which I am sharing also in this haul video with you all.

If you're interested in watching my whole video please click on the direct link -

Thank you for your time,
Hugs Erica xo

METAL MATTE TUTORIAL ❤ || Smokey Grey & POP of Color

Hello Fellow Readers,

Made it my mission to fake it today!!.... umm... well only just the hair and the false lashes today, everything is real πŸ˜‰ lol. πŸ˜‚ Okay well after that kinda awkward intro into today's blog. Let's just get down to what happened today on my YouTube channel. A makeup tutorial, yes a TUTORIAL!!
My apologies I haven't done one in a while but today I made up for that. Also I used the very much requested KVD MetalMatte e/s palette.

So.... I recreated a look I have been loving and I have worn it on 2 different nights out over the past few weeks, out to dinner or a movie.... no clubbing scene happening here guys. Haha!!
But back to the look, it's a grey smokey eye with a twist.
That pop of shiny color under the waterline just adds glamour to an otherwise simple look.

Add a bold lipstick or a neutral one which ever you please and BAM πŸ’₯ one sultry and stunning nighttime ready makeup look.

If you are interested in how-to get this look, please click the link…


Hello Fellow Readers,

Can I share a secret with you? Yes!...... Okay πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
I love finding inexpensive "bargain" makeup that performs like high-end. They're very hard to find but when you do it's like a dirty secret!

So I guess that leads me to my video that went up today on my Beauty YouTube channel.
A trip to Kmart yesterday morning resulted in an idea for a video.... full face of makeup for a budget price. I came to a sum of $40 to be exact $39.97

I brought something's that I have used before, a long time ago like 5 years ago and then many new things for me to try for the 1st time from elf, Fifth Avenue and Rimmel.

If you're interested come see my 1st impressions of things new to me and some products revisited again. Click the direct link to watch the video:

Till my next post, thank you for reading.
Hugs Erica x


Hello Fellow Readers!

As many of you might already know that have been watching me for years and.... possibly from the start of my YouTube channel. You guys know I LOVE DISNEY! ❤️

So when Beauty and the Beast was announced last year with the 1st look trailer of the live action version oh my heart was a flutter and I was SO excited. Fast forward a year from then and here we are the movie released yesterday in the cinemas, which for me naturally inspired me to do an tutorial inspired by one of my top 5 Disney Princesses, Belle.

If you are interested in seeing how to get Belle's inspired makeup look - Please click the link:

Thank you for your time,
Hugs Erica x


Hello Fellow Readers,

Today I am coming to you all with another round of Hot Or Not?! review on products from the drugstore. I found some new displays from L'OrΓ©al, Maybelline and Revlon. Me being me I couldn't help myself and wanted to buy and try these for you guys.

So that's what I did! for the past week or so I have been trying and testing these all out and keeping notes about the pro and cons. And now I have my final thoughts on these "new" beauty items, wether they are worth the $ or not.

If you're interested in watching the video please click on the link:

Thank you for your time!
Hugs Erica x


Hello Fellow Readers,

Do like your foundation to look like skin? Giving the perfect illusion that your skin is that flawless and perfect on it's own?!

Yes! I do.... hence my quest over the years ever since Urban Decay Naked Skin was released. I loved the idea but the UD version never sat well on my skin and would become oil too quickly. I have continued looking but never found it, until now? Right?

I brought the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation about 3 / 4 weeks ago. I have been testing it on and off with different primers underneath and powders on top of the foundation. Even wearing it on it's own a few days with no help of primers / powders to see the true nature of this foundation.

If your interested in see how this applies and my final thoughts click the video link:
Thank you for your time!  Hugs Erica xx


Hello Fellow Readers,

So another month has come to its end, meaning that I get to share my monthly roundup of beauty favourites, empties and also the products I regret buying in WTF?.

I hope you will enjoy this months roundup, if you're interested in watching I have linked the video here:

NOTE: Sorry there was no video on Tuesday, I was sick!

Thank you for reading / watching. Till my next post.
Hugs, Erica x


Hello Fellow Readers,

I was requested on my Instagram by a sweet follower, if I could do a video about makeup expiry dates! I accepted the request because I thought it would be useful to others is well.
Also having been trained in the art of makeup, expiry dates is something I learned pretty much 1st up in amongst the basic techniques. So why I never made and shared this as video before in my 7 years being on YouTube, I will never know!

But no matter as I have done it today. I have tried to explain this in the best way I can, as I know it can be a tad confusing.

If you are interested in find out when you should breakup with your makeup, click on the link:

Thank you for your time, till my next post.
Hugs Erica. x


Hello Fellow Readers

Well, it has been requested over and over in the last few weeks for me to do an updated tour of my makeup collection, if I could? I decided that it was a fun idea to updated you guys on the current collection etc. And really who doesn't like a little bit of snooping look when it's okay too. πŸ˜‰

I have added more then just the overall look at my makeup collection and added also a look at my vanity and HG makeup draw .... it is always interesting to see what a fellow beauty lover keeps close on hand.

If you're interested here is the direct video link:

Thank you for your time!
Till my next post, Hugs Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers.

"Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline"

Today is a drugstore makeup day!
And I have been for the last 2 weeks testing out new makeup from Maybelline. When I saw the shiny new display at my drugstore a few weeks back, I just couldn't help myself but buy everything for my channel, to test out and report back to let you guys know my subscribers - what I think of the new products. If they good or not so good, in my personal opinion!

If you're interested in hearing my review, I have linked the video for you here:

And BTW I had also posted a video on Tuesday, all about makeup brushes. I've shared my TOP 10! Link here:

Thank you for your time, till my next post.
Hugs Erica xx


Hello Fellow Readers

Aw, love it's everywhere and on Valentine's Day it's a chance for us ladies or guys to get dressed up and looking our most alluring and best for our dates.
For us that are Makeup lovers, it is the opportunity to grab our makeup and create a look that's either more glowing, classic glam or something smoky. Jumping out of our everyday makeup comfort zone won't be missed by lots of us and you can beat we'll spend a good amount of time creating our best look.

This year I went with glowing skin and glitter eyes nothing to OTT but enough glitter to satisfy my love of the shiny stuff and just a fun look.

Nothing to hard to re-create this year, and I've explained everything in the video step by step:

Thank you for reading, till my next post!
Hugs Erica xo

SHE DIDN'T! πŸ’‡πŸ» Ombre Hair?

Hello Fellow Readers!

SO. Yeah. I took on another hair adventure .... not pixie ..... not purple hair .... not black hair .... and thank goodness no longer "50 shades of brown" hair (ugh. wasn't me!) NO ladies and gentleman, I have ombre red hair!

Yep Bright Red to Deep Maroon! Something different and less damage to my hair, than say if I would have gone with the Ariel hair that I was planning too. But this however is interesting and not a look that everyone has which is fine by me.

I did post a quick video about it.  If you're interested follow the link:
Thank you for time,  Hugs Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers,

So no surprise that I went shopping for new makeup?! .... no I didn't think so. Ha Ha! 😊

I found some great new stuff, well I am anticipating that they will be great new beauty products, my job now is to find that out!

Okay! 1st up yesterday I went to buy some of the newly launched Too Faced Peach collection items, that had just launched. Such as the new reformulated Papa don't Peach Blush and I brought 2 of the new Sweet Peach Lip Cream Glosses, tho there is 6 or 7 I believe in the range.
Anyone who has watched a video of mine this year or late last year, then you'd know that I LOVE the Sweet Peach Palette and I was so excited when they brought it back a few ago for good. Just especially for those of you that missed out originally, because it's a gem!.
Bobbi Brown was my next stop for a new foundation that I was curious about and than I went back again to pick up the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, only in the hope that I will love this from …


Hello Fellow Readers,

So it's Wednesday morning in my part of the world, so that's means a brand new video from me, as well as it being that time of the month again to roundup my monthly beauty favorites!

Now I was thinking that's since it's a brand new year ... I wanted to change things up and add more into my favorites videos this year. So I thought by adding my "monthly" empties within the monthly affair + a new segment called WTF!! which is simply just the products that I regret buying that month or that didn't work out for me in the month.

I wanted to make the video more informative and interesting for you guys to watch or as a kind of catch up with everything Alwayscosmeticjunkie for those of you lovelies that love my favorites.

If you're interested in the video, link is below:

Thank you for reading,
Till next time, Erica. xo

REVIEW & DEMO || NEW Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation and Royal Cream Blush

Hello Fellow Readers,

It's that time of the week again for a new video! 😘
Today we're taking a trip to the drugstore, over a week ago now I stumbled upon some new things from Rimmel - a foundation and a new cream blush, with 3 colours to choose from! A light peachy shade, medium pink shade and a deep plum colour. Of which I have 2 of the shades mentioned. And I have been putting the cream blush and foundation to the test over the last 5 days!

The foundation shade range was fairly decent if you have a fair to medium skin-tone but again nothing really for deeper skin-tones (NW/NC40 +) which was unfortunate and disappointing to see.
You'd think all beauty companies whether they are drugstore, high-end or luxury, would put out foundations shades to cater for all of us .... but luckily brands like MAC, Urban Decay and NARS do this fairly well and Revlon also as the drugstore option!! So a quick thank you to those brands for looking after our foundation skin-tone matching needs…


Hello Fellow Readers!

Today let's talk about a little skincare. πŸ€”

Skincare is an essential part of any girls or guys regime, especially if you love to wear makeup! Skincare is the essence to having great looking skin swell as making you’re makeup looking flawless. I love taking more steps with my skincare regime then just the 3 step system i.e: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturiser.

I love to use a good quality gritty texture exfoliating gel to really clean my skin once a week, and then I enjoy taking it that extra step further by using face masks twice a week. Over the course of the past 2 months I have been testing out some new face masks, all ranging from oil control to smoothing out fine lines and refining skin texture.

Time to share my thoughts ....
ORIGINS: Clear Improvement πŸ™†πŸ»
This face mask is an active charcoal mask you leave on for 10 to 15 minutes to clear pores and help with reducing oily skin or in my case trying to help control an oily T-Zone. Active charcoal in skincare…


Hello Fellow Readers,

Starting off with food for thought:
"Lipsticks are like clothing for your lips, when you think about it you can dress them up or down!" 

This is how I personally feel about lipstick as it can change you look in an instant without much effort needed. For example a bold red lipstick shade looks classic and festive, change that to a pink or nude shade and your look becomes more natural and understated. Or then the other extreme to deeper plum and maroon shades and even black lipstick and your look is more dark and impactful for an evening look, etc.

When Urban Decay came out with their vice lipstick collection last year (2016), they launched 100 lipstick shades at once which for any "beauty junkie" at heart is heaven on earth, especially when the price I believe was lowered a few dollars to what we originally paid for them is well.

So .... I started collecting them in October I brought my first shade called: Shame.
Originally for my Masquerade Goth…


Hello Fellow Readers,

I wanted to chat today about the 3 wonders in the makeup "palette" world.
I am personally a big fan of palettes whether they'd be for the face or eyes, I especially love them the most when the palettes are either versatile to use with being able to create me many looks or also when the quality is top notch that you just want to use that particular palette because it's better then the rest you own in your collection that may be similar. πŸ™‚

Starting off the countdown with the palette that came into my life last December, this swept my beauty heart of it's feet. And in just 7 weeks I had totally fallen in love with it and have now incorporated it into my makeup routine everyday, somehow!


Specter: Light Pink & White Shift - Element: Fuchsia & Peachy Shift - Magnetic: Purple & Blue Shift - Lightyear: Mermaid Green & Teal Shift - Granite: Gunmetal Grey & Sliver Shift Lithium: Antique Gold &…

Let's Play with Makeup: 1st Impressions & New Beauty Faves.

Hello fellow readers!

I hope you're week so far is going well?! πŸ™‚

It's Wednesday, so that means a new video is up on my YouTube channel.
Today I am playing with makeup, which is a favorite past time of mine anyways, tho if your reading this chances are you love playing with makeup and creating new looks too.
So more or less today it's experimenting with a few new products from it Cosmetics which is my 1st time ever using this brand, I have a Brow Gel Stain and a Pore Primer that looks like it will deliver miracles ..... one can be hopeful. πŸ˜‡

Also I'm not just playing around with the brand new makeup + a foundation sample from Marc Jacobs, but also some other new products that I brought last November & December (Yes; I went a little crazy) and have been obsessing over these new goodies too from Urban Decay, Too Faced & more.

Now this look has been my go-to makeup look for the past 5 to 6 weeks and before I start experimenting again with a different makeup look…

Happy 2017 🎊 + 2 New Videos!

Hello Fellow Readers,

Wishes of a happy 2017 for you all πŸ™‚
Let's start the new year off with 2 brand new videos!

1st up the Bubble Mask experience. I was walking around Target Yesterday morning and I saw this *NEW* mask on a display. Naturally I was drawn to it like moth to a flame, Haha! I was interested in trying it till I thought why not share the 1st experience with you guys my viewers / subscribers.
If your interested in seeing this:

Okay! and 2nd on the new video list πŸ˜‰ is just an small chit chat and sneak peek look behind the scene not that fancy but it's still I think fun to see what it looks like from my perspective when I come in to my room and film. (where I sit etc)
Sharing also some exciting news, passing it on that the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette my ULTIMATE favourite palette is no longer Limited Edition but is BACK!! and available at Sephora or
For the other news and such that I talk in this video, as well as…