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Hello Fellow Readers,

So it's Wednesday morning in my part of the world, so that's means a brand new video from me, as well as it being that time of the month again to roundup my monthly beauty favorites!

Now I was thinking that's since it's a brand new year ... I wanted to change things up and add more into my favorites videos this year. So I thought by adding my "monthly" empties within the monthly affair + a new segment called WTF!! which is simply just the products that I regret buying that month or that didn't work out for me in the month.

I wanted to make the video more informative and interesting for you guys to watch or as a kind of catch up with everything Alwayscosmeticjunkie for those of you lovelies that love my favorites.

If you're interested in the video, link is below:

Thank you for reading,
Till next time, Erica. xo

REVIEW & DEMO || NEW Rimmel Fresher Skin Foundation and Royal Cream Blush

Hello Fellow Readers,

It's that time of the week again for a new video! 😘
Today we're taking a trip to the drugstore, over a week ago now I stumbled upon some new things from Rimmel - a foundation and a new cream blush, with 3 colours to choose from! A light peachy shade, medium pink shade and a deep plum colour. Of which I have 2 of the shades mentioned. And I have been putting the cream blush and foundation to the test over the last 5 days!

The foundation shade range was fairly decent if you have a fair to medium skin-tone but again nothing really for deeper skin-tones (NW/NC40 +) which was unfortunate and disappointing to see.
You'd think all beauty companies whether they are drugstore, high-end or luxury, would put out foundations shades to cater for all of us .... but luckily brands like MAC, Urban Decay and NARS do this fairly well and Revlon also as the drugstore option!! So a quick thank you to those brands for looking after our foundation skin-tone matching needs…


Hello Fellow Readers!

Today let's talk about a little skincare. 🤔

Skincare is an essential part of any girls or guys regime, especially if you love to wear makeup! Skincare is the essence to having great looking skin swell as making you’re makeup looking flawless. I love taking more steps with my skincare regime then just the 3 step system i.e: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturiser.

I love to use a good quality gritty texture exfoliating gel to really clean my skin once a week, and then I enjoy taking it that extra step further by using face masks twice a week. Over the course of the past 2 months I have been testing out some new face masks, all ranging from oil control to smoothing out fine lines and refining skin texture.

Time to share my thoughts ....
ORIGINS: Clear Improvement 🙆🏻
This face mask is an active charcoal mask you leave on for 10 to 15 minutes to clear pores and help with reducing oily skin or in my case trying to help control an oily T-Zone. Active charcoal in skincare…


Hello Fellow Readers,

Starting off with food for thought:
"Lipsticks are like clothing for your lips, when you think about it you can dress them up or down!" 

This is how I personally feel about lipstick as it can change you look in an instant without much effort needed. For example a bold red lipstick shade looks classic and festive, change that to a pink or nude shade and your look becomes more natural and understated. Or then the other extreme to deeper plum and maroon shades and even black lipstick and your look is more dark and impactful for an evening look, etc.

When Urban Decay came out with their vice lipstick collection last year (2016), they launched 100 lipstick shades at once which for any "beauty junkie" at heart is heaven on earth, especially when the price I believe was lowered a few dollars to what we originally paid for them is well.

So .... I started collecting them in October I brought my first shade called: Shame.
Originally for my Masquerade Goth…


Hello Fellow Readers,

I wanted to chat today about the 3 wonders in the makeup "palette" world.
I am personally a big fan of palettes whether they'd be for the face or eyes, I especially love them the most when the palettes are either versatile to use with being able to create me many looks or also when the quality is top notch that you just want to use that particular palette because it's better then the rest you own in your collection that may be similar. 🙂

Starting off the countdown with the palette that came into my life last December, this swept my beauty heart of it's feet. And in just 7 weeks I had totally fallen in love with it and have now incorporated it into my makeup routine everyday, somehow!


Specter: Light Pink & White Shift - Element: Fuchsia & Peachy Shift - Magnetic: Purple & Blue Shift - Lightyear: Mermaid Green & Teal Shift - Granite: Gunmetal Grey & Sliver Shift Lithium: Antique Gold &…

Let's Play with Makeup: 1st Impressions & New Beauty Faves.

Hello fellow readers!

I hope you're week so far is going well?! 🙂

It's Wednesday, so that means a new video is up on my YouTube channel.
Today I am playing with makeup, which is a favorite past time of mine anyways, tho if your reading this chances are you love playing with makeup and creating new looks too.
So more or less today it's experimenting with a few new products from it Cosmetics which is my 1st time ever using this brand, I have a Brow Gel Stain and a Pore Primer that looks like it will deliver miracles ..... one can be hopeful. 😇

Also I'm not just playing around with the brand new makeup + a foundation sample from Marc Jacobs, but also some other new products that I brought last November & December (Yes; I went a little crazy) and have been obsessing over these new goodies too from Urban Decay, Too Faced & more.

Now this look has been my go-to makeup look for the past 5 to 6 weeks and before I start experimenting again with a different makeup look…

Happy 2017 🎊 + 2 New Videos!

Hello Fellow Readers,

Wishes of a happy 2017 for you all 🙂
Let's start the new year off with 2 brand new videos!

1st up the Bubble Mask experience. I was walking around Target Yesterday morning and I saw this *NEW* mask on a display. Naturally I was drawn to it like moth to a flame, Haha! I was interested in trying it till I thought why not share the 1st experience with you guys my viewers / subscribers.
If your interested in seeing this:

Okay! and 2nd on the new video list 😉 is just an small chit chat and sneak peek look behind the scene not that fancy but it's still I think fun to see what it looks like from my perspective when I come in to my room and film. (where I sit etc)
Sharing also some exciting news, passing it on that the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette my ULTIMATE favourite palette is no longer Limited Edition but is BACK!! and available at Sephora or
For the other news and such that I talk in this video, as well as…