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Hello Fellow Readers,

Starting off with food for thought:
"Lipsticks are like clothing for your lips, when you think about it you can dress them up or down!" 

This is how I personally feel about lipstick as it can change you look in an instant without much effort needed. For example a bold red lipstick shade looks classic and festive, change that to a pink or nude shade and your look becomes more natural and understated. Or then the other extreme to deeper plum and maroon shades and even black lipstick and your look is more dark and impactful for an evening look, etc.

When Urban Decay came out with their vice lipstick collection last year (2016), they launched 100 lipstick shades at once which for any "beauty junkie" at heart is heaven on earth, especially when the price I believe was lowered a few dollars to what we originally paid for them is well.

So .... I started collecting them in October I brought my first shade called: Shame.
Originally for my Masquerade Goth Halloween Makeup Tutorial.
I soon after in November brought another shade called heartless, this was a cute girly pink shade more suited for everyday wear ..... personally for me! 💗

In December and now in 2017 I have since those 2 lipsticks .... I've brought 11 more!!
Did I hear you gasp!! I know .... I know but I fell in love them and with SO many new shades I just couldn't help myself. Lol.

I don't have the most perfect lips in the world, I am always dealing with dry lips and heaven help if they're cracked too. I am addict to my lip balm 🙈 if any of you readers have the same problem with your lips being dry especially in the winter, can I recommend Mario Badescu Lip Wax. It's one of the best and inexpensive options that I have found to date at only $6.

Anyways, If your interested in this weeks video? I have provided the direct link below:

Thank you for you time!
Till my next post, Erica x


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