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Hello Fellow Readers,

I wanted to chat today about the 3 wonders in the makeup "palette" world.
I am personally a big fan of palettes whether they'd be for the face or eyes, I especially love them the most when the palettes are either versatile to use with being able to create me many looks or also when the quality is top notch that you just want to use that particular palette because it's better then the rest you own in your collection that may be similar. 🙂

Starting off the countdown with the palette that came into my life last December, this swept my beauty heart of it's feet. And in just 7 weeks I had totally fallen in love with it and have now incorporated it into my makeup routine everyday, somehow!


Specter: Light Pink & White Shift - Element: Fuchsia & Peachy Shift - Magnetic: Purple & Blue Shift - Lightyear: Mermaid Green & Teal Shift - Granite: Gunmetal Grey & Sliver Shift
Lithium: Antique Gold & Lt Gold Shift - Vega: Blue & Blue Shift - Galaxy: Teal & Black Shift. 

This palette is an glitter eyeshadow treasure trove, that even on my sensitive teary prone eyes I can wear with confidence and ease. You can build these sparkly eyeshadows up to the intensity you'd like. From being a light top coat / wash of sparkle over other (matte) eyeshadows or wearing them on their own to full opacity, color and shine! 


Now this palette has a story behind it, this was once limited edition (back in 2016) so it was one of those palettes that once it was released it was gone like a hot potato! 
So many makeup lovers were left without this palette in their collections and those like me that got the palette well .... we were left not really being able to talk about it or do tutorials with it because what's more irritating then seeing a video from a beauty vlogger about a palette you can't buy! 
But now that Too Faced has rereleased the palette in a Peach collection that includes products for the face and lips too, it's once again circulating the YouTube beauty community with reviews & tutorials.

To me this palette is worth solid gold and the wearable light to medium peach and brown shades are very wearable for everyone .... no matter what your eye color or skin-tone.
The eyeshadows themselves are buttery, soft and blend easily with beginners in mind. The wide variety of shade range you get in this palette allows you to create several "nude" or "naked" eyeshadow looks perfect for everyday. And many more looks ranging from light to darker ones, once you add the pop of colors included within this palette is well, so the options are endless essentially.  


The highlighting and contour palette that in my opinion changed the landscape in it's field, especially for us girls or guys with porcelain to light beige skin-tone, with the contour shades: subconscious & shadowplay these contour shades actually work on fair skin tones and don't look muddy or dirty as with some past contour palettes from other brands whereby it did often look muddy or dirty, so this is an area of makeup were we fair to light skin-tones most of the time missed out. 
Being on the "Snow White" fair side myself this face palette from KVD has you can see in the picture above has been used and loved for many months, could even be over a year now.
In many contour / highlighting palettes that came before this one and still today mainly with the drugstore options, the contour shades are hard to blend and hard to make them look one with your skin especially, the very pigmented powders or creams can look harsh even if you've spent the time blending it. 
The contour can still look patchy or overly sharpe. That's something I have not found to be the case with the Shade & Light palette by KVD. Every shade in this palette blends like a dream and the shade sombre looks amazing on medium to darker skin-tones as it really adds a beautiful dimension to the skin. Every shade builds up nicely and evenly, they are super soft and buttery and if not over applied to the face they NEVER look harsh or muddy! 

The Highlighter shades in this palette just to clarify are not going to give you the highlight you'd think of when someone says "highlight" no highlight brighter than the sun here or having you're cheek bones seen from outta space .... as all these "highlighter" shades are best used for setting liquid products and giving a lighter appearance to the area that they've been applied too. Hence the word highlight in this case. But for setting you're under eye concealer or applying under your contour to clean up the line and even the T-Zone if your fair / light it is a wonderful, quick and easy step. 

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you for reading and till next time! 
Hugs Erica x


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