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Hello Fellow Readers!

Today let's talk about a little skincare. 🤔

Skincare is an essential part of any girls or guys regime, especially if you love to wear makeup! Skincare is the essence to having great looking skin swell as making you’re makeup looking flawless. I love taking more steps with my skincare regime then just the 3 step system i.e: Cleanse, Tone & Moisturiser.

I love to use a good quality gritty texture exfoliating gel to really clean my skin once a week, and then I enjoy taking it that extra step further by using face masks twice a week. Over the course of the past 2 months I have been testing out some new face masks, all ranging from oil control to smoothing out fine lines and refining skin texture.

Time to share my thoughts ....
ORIGINS: Clear Improvement 🙆🏻
This face mask is an active charcoal mask you leave on for 10 to 15 minutes to clear pores and help with reducing oily skin or in my case trying to help control an oily T-Zone. Active charcoal in skincare products is a big trend for 2017 so why don't we make a start here.
This mask is brilliant, let me quickly tell you why ... firstly it doesn't irritate my already very sensitive skin. Secondly it really dose clean out the pores leaving my skin feeling renewed and fresh, plus it helps for 2 days after use with my oily T-Zone in controlling the excess oil. And thirdly the price range for this on the full size or travel size as pictured above is great! $26 us for the full size and $17 us for travel size, which is not bad if treating pores and oily skin are your main concern. I really like this mask and will be repurchasing the full size one once I have used up this one pictured above, as a little goes a long way, it really is value for money.

KORRES: Fruit Masks 🍈🍉🍎🍊🍍
Okay so I have three masks here to quickly tell you about.
- Watermelon: For revitalising and adding moisture
- Cranberry: For Instant lifting and skin firming
- Kiwi: For gentle exfoliation for smoother skin
In my personal opinion if your looking for firming the skin or adding more moisture to the skin by a mask treatment …. um well … the Korres fruit masks are not the option to go and buy. I found little to no firming with the Cranberry mask and the watermelon mask left my skin feeling cool but not more hydrated then it already was before I used the mask. So personally for me these two masks are a pass. BUT the Korres Kiwi Scrub / mask is great and did scrub my skin nicely and didn’t leave my skin feeling sore from overly rough exfoliation. The Kiwi scrub as just the right amount of gritty texture for my sensitive skin and made my dry and oily areas of the face feel equally as nice and smooth.

Lastly before you leave …..  just want to quickly share my experience with the YouthMud Tingle Exfoliate Treatment mask from GlamGlow. Please use this skincare mask with caution, if you have sensitive skin like me! I got this mask over the holiday break and used it for the first time 2 weeks ago and then again last night thinking the first time was a fluke, and both times my skin felt like it was being "stung by bees" as an example of the feeling and the slight pain ... yes ... it hurt that much.
Not to mention my face looked red for hours after I had washed the mask off with tepid water.
It did work tho as far as deep exfoliation of my skin but it really was not friendly at all to my sensitive skin and not something I'd not use again. Now I know that’s my fault for trying something out that I probably knew would do this but even the Clearing SuperMud from GlamGlow that is also deep cleaning didn't hurt my skin as much as this had. But through my "testing phase" I just wanted to pass it on. Please note that if you don’t have sensitive skin you’ll probably be just fine in using this and it dose work!

Thank you for your time and have a lovely day! 🙂
Till my next post, Erica x


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