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Happy 2017 🎊 + 2 New Videos!

Hello Fellow Readers,

Wishes of a happy 2017 for you all 🙂
Let's start the new year off with 2 brand new videos!

1st up the Bubble Mask experience. I was walking around Target Yesterday morning and I saw this *NEW* mask on a display. Naturally I was drawn to it like moth to a flame, Haha! I was interested in trying it till I thought why not share the 1st experience with you guys my viewers / subscribers.
If your interested in seeing this:

Okay! and 2nd on the new video list 😉 is just an small chit chat and sneak peek look behind the scene not that fancy but it's still I think fun to see what it looks like from my perspective when I come in to my room and film. (where I sit etc)
Sharing also some exciting news, passing it on that the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette my ULTIMATE favourite palette is no longer Limited Edition but is BACK!! and available at Sephora or
For the other news and such that I talk in this video, as well as an update on the bubble mask a day later. Check out the video here:

Thank you for reading,
Hugs Erica x


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