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Hello Fellow Readers,

I was requested on my Instagram by a sweet follower, if I could do a video about makeup expiry dates! I accepted the request because I thought it would be useful to others is well.
Also having been trained in the art of makeup, expiry dates is something I learned pretty much 1st up in amongst the basic techniques. So why I never made and shared this as video before in my 7 years being on YouTube, I will never know!

But no matter as I have done it today. I have tried to explain this in the best way I can, as I know it can be a tad confusing.

If you are interested in find out when you should breakup with your makeup, click on the link:

Thank you for your time, till my next post.
Hugs Erica. x


Hello Fellow Readers

Well, it has been requested over and over in the last few weeks for me to do an updated tour of my makeup collection, if I could? I decided that it was a fun idea to updated you guys on the current collection etc. And really who doesn't like a little bit of snooping look when it's okay too. 😉

I have added more then just the overall look at my makeup collection and added also a look at my vanity and HG makeup draw .... it is always interesting to see what a fellow beauty lover keeps close on hand.

If you're interested here is the direct video link:

Thank you for your time!
Till my next post, Hugs Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers.

"Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Maybelline"

Today is a drugstore makeup day!
And I have been for the last 2 weeks testing out new makeup from Maybelline. When I saw the shiny new display at my drugstore a few weeks back, I just couldn't help myself but buy everything for my channel, to test out and report back to let you guys know my subscribers - what I think of the new products. If they good or not so good, in my personal opinion!

If you're interested in hearing my review, I have linked the video for you here:

And BTW I had also posted a video on Tuesday, all about makeup brushes. I've shared my TOP 10! Link here:

Thank you for your time, till my next post.
Hugs Erica xx


Hello Fellow Readers

Aw, love it's everywhere and on Valentine's Day it's a chance for us ladies or guys to get dressed up and looking our most alluring and best for our dates.
For us that are Makeup lovers, it is the opportunity to grab our makeup and create a look that's either more glowing, classic glam or something smoky. Jumping out of our everyday makeup comfort zone won't be missed by lots of us and you can beat we'll spend a good amount of time creating our best look.

This year I went with glowing skin and glitter eyes nothing to OTT but enough glitter to satisfy my love of the shiny stuff and just a fun look.

Nothing to hard to re-create this year, and I've explained everything in the video step by step:

Thank you for reading, till my next post!
Hugs Erica xo

SHE DIDN'T! 💇🏻 Ombre Hair?

Hello Fellow Readers!

SO. Yeah. I took on another hair adventure .... not pixie ..... not purple hair .... not black hair .... and thank goodness no longer "50 shades of brown" hair (ugh. wasn't me!) NO ladies and gentleman, I have ombre red hair!

Yep Bright Red to Deep Maroon! Something different and less damage to my hair, than say if I would have gone with the Ariel hair that I was planning too. But this however is interesting and not a look that everyone has which is fine by me.

I did post a quick video about it.  If you're interested follow the link:
Thank you for time,  Hugs Erica xo


Hello Fellow Readers,

So no surprise that I went shopping for new makeup?! .... no I didn't think so. Ha Ha! 😊

I found some great new stuff, well I am anticipating that they will be great new beauty products, my job now is to find that out!

Okay! 1st up yesterday I went to buy some of the newly launched Too Faced Peach collection items, that had just launched. Such as the new reformulated Papa don't Peach Blush and I brought 2 of the new Sweet Peach Lip Cream Glosses, tho there is 6 or 7 I believe in the range.
Anyone who has watched a video of mine this year or late last year, then you'd know that I LOVE the Sweet Peach Palette and I was so excited when they brought it back a few ago for good. Just especially for those of you that missed out originally, because it's a gem!.
Bobbi Brown was my next stop for a new foundation that I was curious about and than I went back again to pick up the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, only in the hope that I will love this from …