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Hello Fellow Readers,

So no surprise that I went shopping for new makeup?! .... no I didn't think so. Ha Ha! 😊

I found some great new stuff, well I am anticipating that they will be great new beauty products, my job now is to find that out!

Okay! 1st up yesterday I went to buy some of the newly launched Too Faced Peach collection items, that had just launched. Such as the new reformulated Papa don't Peach Blush and I brought 2 of the new Sweet Peach Lip Cream Glosses, tho there is 6 or 7 I believe in the range.
Anyone who has watched a video of mine this year or late last year, then you'd know that I LOVE the Sweet Peach Palette and I was so excited when they brought it back a few ago for good. Just especially for those of you that missed out originally, because it's a gem!.
Bobbi Brown was my next stop for a new foundation that I was curious about and than I went back again to pick up the Too Faced Born This Way concealer, only in the hope that I will love this from that collection, as the foundation left me feeling little underwhelmed.

Next up in between the clothes shopping and groceries, I lastly went to the drugstore to quickly check it out, because you just never know something new might be displayed.
And yep I was right, drumroll for Maybelline please! New contour stick, highlighters, lip paints and cushion foundation. Lots to try out in the coming weeks with reviews to happen end February.

Check out the video here for 1st impressions "Try on" and beauty joy.
Direct video here:

Thank you for your time, till my next post.
Hugs Erica xo


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