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Hello Fellow Readers!

So as the title above suggests it's a fresh new look on my channel, with a new background and a few other little changers behind the scenes for my Youtube Channel.
What prompted all of this.... well I turned a year older (now 28) and I tend to revaluate things, I especially wanted to take a look at my channel and make a change in the background etc.

So, I went past my videos from over the last 7 years and looked at how the video looked and such. Now having a WAY better camera and lighting setup these days dose help me but something was missing. I felt I was being lost in translation for being a beauty channel these past 2(ish) years with the busy background I used to have, seeing this I knew it needed a change.
I found a video from a few years back (2014) when my channel was doing really well and my background was simple and girly just the lace. SO I decide for that as my background once again with a few add mod-cons for it being 2017.

Check the video out her…