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Hello fellow readers,

So, I am no stranger to dying my hair a different color somewhat, but over the past 13 months I have literally changed my hair color every 3 odd months... crazy I know and not something I'd advised to do yourself.

But I have wanted what I love to call "Ariel Red Hair" referencing from the famous Disney Princess for the longest time, that bright pop of red just excites me. It is SO different and can make you facial features pop like you eye color as an example or your cheekbones can look softer or more harsh just depending.... all this just from what color hair you choose. absolutely!

Personally having very black hair, I have always been scared of bleaching my hair. I know the darker your hair color is the more damage you will have to go through to get your hair into the color you want it. Now I have done the ombre look with my hair, which in my case involved you guessed it bleaching the ends of my hair or the color just wouldn't show up. Over th…


Hello fellow readers,

Who doesn't love color even just a single shade of green say? or red maybe? and what about blue?.

Color can do so much, especially with makeup wethers it is a bright bold lip color or an eyeshadow look. It can make any day feel like summer. So I decided to play with color just for fun this week and what better way to inject color into your makeup then with the use of the full spectrum palette by Urban Decay and well.... also a few other of my favorite palettes to add the odd shade of peach and natural creamy shade for the brow bone area. I didn't want to go all out 80's with the glitter or faded blue brow bone color. Yikes.... not today!

Beginner friendly - LINK TO THE TUTORIAL:

Thank you for your time!  Until my next post,  Erica xx


Hello Fellow Readers,

Today's video is a makeup tutorial using the Marc Jacobs Night Owl Palette, this style eye-con palette contains beautiful shades like a true Aztec gold, a mermaid turquoise blue, soft beige gold, as well as your typical neutral shades like dark brown, cream and a midnight black shade.... Oh and did I mention a gorgeous deep taupe plum shade, that's fairly unique.
All in all this palette is a lovely "night" appropriate palette giving you easy to create looks for a night out on the town or for going on a date. But I've personally never lived by the limitations of any palette, so if you wanna rock that smokey eye during the daylight hours.... then you do you!

As I mentioned in the tutorial please note these shades are a little harder to work with, don't let that worry you I only mean to say that you'll have to do a little extra blending. Their not as creamy and easy to blend as many of the other palettes we have come to use and love as …


Hello Fellow Readers,

Ah! there is nothing quite like cake face right?? I am only joking! 
But seriously a full face of a makeup doesn't have to feel or look like "cake face" if you know what you're doing. Now I personally love a full coverage foundation all the time as, it gives you the option to make your base look like skin using only an amount that would mean light to medium coverage or you can go all out and wipe the slate clean and give yourself that barbie winning skin.

If you have more oily skin these techniques will work for you too as well if you have drier skin, a little tip just incase powder scares you due to having dry skin.... a hydrating setting spray is your answer as your last added step to this tutorial.

If your interesting in learning how to create the perfect base and learn a few of my tips along the way then please click on the direct video link:

Thank you for your time!
until my next post,
Erica xo